Being Thankful

On the heels of the #bloggerlifechallenge I did on Instagram in October, I’ve decided that this year’s November Thankfulness posts will also be on my Instagram account instead of Facebook. Some of them I’ll probably double post, but I really like Instagram as a platform for short, daily updates.  

I’ll continue using the #novemberthankfuls on each picture, and I’d love for you to join me! 

Gratefulness is something I value, and I try to teach it to my kids, even though they’re  young. I believe that changing your perspective to a thankful one can make you a happier person! So, it’s not too late to start. Just be thankful for one thing each day this month, and share about it! Follow me on Instagram to see mine!

Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, folks! Hope y’all had a great Halloween and survived the time change. Without further ado, here are the funnies from my kiddos!

J: I want fish!
(I realize he’s pointing to the goldfish.)
Me: Here, you can take these downstairs with you, I guess.
Hubby picks him up and takes the goldfish.
J: I guess so. Yeah, I guess so, Mommy.
Hubby: He’s learning English!!

In the car, J points out to us all the trucks. All. The. Trucks.
J: I saw da truck! I saw da truck!
(I try to talk about colors, or size, or something, but he’s always moved on to the next truck. This afternoon, EK was helping point them out…)
EK: Joe Joe! There’s a green truck!
His response?
J: I saw da punkin!
(He’d been looking out the other window at pumpkins on porches.)

EK told Annie (grandma) the other day all about how we got D from the “hospillow”. Makes sense, I guess.

On Halloween…
J: I want da candy!
EK: You can have one piece of chocolate and then save the rest for later.
J: *eats broccoli*

EK: My butt hurts.
(This is code for “I have to poop.”)
Me: Okay, let’s go quickly, and find the bathroom. (We were at Target.)
EK: Just in time! (Sits on the potty and immediately poops)
Me: You’re telling me!

EK was carrying around a pillowcase full of clothes and fake food…
Me: Are you running away?
EK: No, I just packed up.
Me: Getting ready for the apocalypse?
EK: No. I just didn’t take a good nap.
(I’m assuming that means she packed up that pillowcase instead of taking the nap.)

EK, drinking a smoothie and shivering…
Me: Do you want to take a break and warm up?
EK: I’m freezing from my smoothie but I WANT IT!

Upon seeing Christmas wreaths at Thruway shopping center…
EK: Mommy, I miss Santa Claus.

EK is into giving J consequences right now. For example, if he throws his lunch in the floor, she might say this:
Stop, or we can’t have any friends over.
Don’t do that, or you’ll go to bed!
If you do that again, you’re going to sit in time out in the hallway.

She also likes to translate or speak for him:
He wants his juice, Mama.
He pooped.
He saw a truck!
He wants to see the train.

He speaks pretty well for himself:
Mama! Where’s cars?
I want more candies now!
I wuff de baby.
Where’s Lala? Where’s Drew?

Well what do your kids say? Do they speak for each other, or tell each other what to do?


Oh, November. I love you. Except for the rain. I don’t love that.

Here’s this week’s edition of Currently! Since it’s the first week of the month, I’m not only linking up with Becky at Choose Happy, but also with Anne In Residence and Jenna at Gold and Bloom.

currently button

Cooking || not much at all. I’m not ready to throw myself into holiday baking, and I’m not really a great cook, so I’ve taken a backseat on the food-making front. About the only thing I’m cooking right now is eggs. True story.

Planning || my worship services for the month. November is missions month at Reynolda, and our services are fairly centered around that. And since I have two Sundays (including this past Sunday) that I’m leading worship downstairs instead of at my normal service, I’m feeling the urge to be on the ball. I’ve already planned out this week’s, and I’ve got several songs I know I’ll use more than once, since I’m keeping the missions theme and hopping around venues.

Smelling || all the candles! I know it’s not time yet to get out my candles that smell like Christmas trees, but I have gotten out my cinnamon-smelling ones, and I’m totally loving it. 

 Appreciating || this time of year, in between fall and the holidays. I LOVE gearing up for Christmas and all that that entails, but this moment of rest in between Halloween and Thanksgiving is blessedly slow. November for the relaxing win.

Anticipating || lots of family time. Hubby’s family is having a reunion of sorts this weekend (and my mom will come to keep the kids for a few things), then next weekend my brother and his girlfriend are visiting. After that, it won’t be long until Thanksgiving. It’s nice that we’re going to see some of the family in short bursts, so that if we don’t get time together once, maybe we will the next time. We don’t feel so rushed. We’re also getting excited about a quick trip to Fort Worth in December for a family wedding, which also happens to be right at my 30th birthday! Hopefully we will find reasonable plane tickets and a few fun daytime things to do. I’ve never been to Texas!

Well, what about you? What’s going on in your November?

The In Between

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus

And just like that, Halloween has come and gone. The gorgeous leaves are mostly on the ground. The chill from the morning is lasting further through the day, which is shorter than ever. Already, stores have their Christmas things out, hoping to snag the earliest of shoppers. We are about to give the rest of fall a complete pass, hopping, skipping and jumping to the holidays. In fact, I was planning a New Year’s Eve party with some friends a day or two ago.

But before we go on, before we hang our wreaths, or even dress the Thanksgiving turkey, let’s pause.

Pause here, on the brink of what’s to come. Linger here, in the in between, and savor the anticipation of your plans and parties and presents. Treasure this time before it all starts. Prepare your heart for the busyness, joy, stress, and laughter. We’re sure to have all of those feelings and more.

Maybe this holiday will be the first without a loved one. Perhaps it’ll be your first holiday with a new love, or your child’s first time to really enjoy all that the holidays can offer. Whatever your situation will be this holiday, it’s not quite here yet. You’ve still a moment… just a moment to bask in the delicate juxtaposition of the anticipation and the calm, the already and the not yet. 

Isn’t that what it’s all about, friends? The already of the beauty of His creation, the sweet moments where we know He is near… and the not yet – the waiting for Him to call us home, for His glory to be revealed and our earthly selves to be redeemed. This sweet, sweet in between is our entire life, folks. We are calling to Him, begging for redemption and hope, asking to be changed and renewed. And He is answering, with love and wholeness, He is answering us every second of every day, until we go home to Him. 

In this season, I beg you to pause. Find Him in the moments of quiet, of already and not yet. Seek His face as you put away and bring out, as you tear down and build up. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and bring you closer to Him. He will, y’all. He will.