Currently: July

Can y’all believe it’s July?! I can’t. And you know what else I can’t believe? That my littlest baby turns two at the end of this month! He got his first big boy haircut last week, and I’m still doing a double take.

This month’s Currently link up is hosted by Anne in Residence and Stephanie from Wife, Mommy, Me. Thanks ladies, for having us! If you don’t usually do the Currently link party, you should join us! Here’s what I’m up to currently…img_0358

Documenting || a summer of lots of traveling. I’m trying to take lots of pictures of places we go and places we take the kids, since it seems we’re doing more traveling than we usually do. We went down to Charlotte for our anniversary, we’ve been to the lake twice already, we went to see my parents in Georgia, we went up to the mountains for the 4th, and we’ve got more travel plans ahead. I can’t believe we’ve survived it all, but I suppose we’re all just used to it now! We’ve even got our packing down to an art! I saw this meme on Facebook last week and it seemed to sum up my life right now.

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Accomplishing || a lot of garden-tending. We’ve had so many cucumbers that we’ve pickled about half so far, and given quite a few away. The rain has come in huge onslaughts, and then stayed away for days at a time, so some of them have been shaped strangely, but they’ve tasted fine! Two of our tomato plants look like they’re about the bite the dust, but I’m hoping the other plants give us enough to satisfy our tomato sandwich cravings. Hubby’s eating all the eggplant, and I’m getting ready to bake some zucchini into some muffins. We pretty much love it.

Enjoying || Our newly-spruced up indoor garden! When we came to this house to look at it the very first time, I was so impressed that the detail was there, just to the side of the front door. It’s a beautiful little spot – or it has the potential to be, when you’re taking care of it, which we don’t always do. But right now, it’s got some begonias, elephant ears, and something else that the hubs picked out (I’m not a plants person, as in knowing a lot about them).

Reading || All the books. Literally, it feels like. I recently finished Silas House’s A Parchment of Leaves, and Rick Yancey’s Fifth Wave series. I’ve been reading The Worship Pastor (Zac Hicks) with my worship team at church – we’re going through it fairly slowly – and Half the Church (Carolyn Custis James) which is about empowering women in the church. It’s REALLY heavy and so I feel like I can’t read much of it at one time. I’m now almost done with The River King by Alice Hoffman (of Practical Magic) and I’m about to begin Annie F. Downs’s Let’s All Be Brave. I’ve been loving her podcast!

Spending || a little extra time one-on-one with my husband. I don’t often get to pay extra special attention to him, because, ya know, jobs and kids and stuff. But I’ve been trying to steal away for date nights or to just sit and have a glass of wine and talk at home, when the kids aren’t awake (aka trying to interrupt) and we can just chat. Next on the docket for a mini-date: actually watching an entire movie! We haven’t gotten through a whole movie in one sitting in… years?

Well, I’d love to know what you’re up to currently! Leave a comment or link up and join us! Have a wonderful JULY!

Things Toddlers Say

Happy holiday week, y’all! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th – I know we did! We enjoyed some time in the mountains with friends (thank goodness for a little drop in temperature up there!) and are glad to be home today, which is why it’s Toddler Wednesday this week! Lots of funny one-liners this week from the kiddos. It’s like I always say: I can’t make this stuff up. Enjoy!

J: My daughter says I have Xian Yu (from Mulan) on my money!
Me: Where’d you get that money? And who is your daughter?

EK: Dad, will you sit on me? I mean carry me?

EK: Dad, if I wrestled on you, you’d, like, spank me in the face!

J to my Nana: Why are you so bumpy? (He meant the wrinkles)

EK, randomly: So do you just look around when you want to find a husband? You just, walk around? Till you find the one you want?

EK: I decided I don’t think I want my hair as long as Rapunzel’s. I want a little cut.
Me: Oh really? (That had been her mantra for ages.) How short do you want to cut it?
EK: I want it to be like Celia’s.
Me: Who is Celia?
EK: Celia, from Monsters, Inc.
Me: Oh, you want snakes for hair.

Toddler logic:
J: I’m hopping on one foot because I didn’t take a nap. And EK is walking on two feet because she took a great nap.

J, on roasted cauliflower: I am very hungry for dis.

J: Stop doing that!
Me: Stop doing what?
J: Stop doing nothing!

What silly things are your kids saying these days?! Leave a comment and tell me about it!

Every Time I Finish a Book.

Summertime always feels like a good time to read. I wonder if Barnes and Noble sees a boost in their sales during the summer? I don’t necessarily have more time to read, being as I still have three kids and still do my jobs, etc, but I just want to read more. It feels right. I picture my teenage self, laying by the pool and reading all afternoon, or staying up late into the night, just to finish the novel I’d been plowing through. Which, by the way, I did just last weekend. I stayed up late until I finally finished the Fifth Wave series. Was super tired. Was totally worth it.

The more I’ve read in the past month, the more I have been mourning the end of the stories. I think that may be why I love a good series so much… it goes on for a little longer. Even though a single book is over, I know the story will continue for another book or two. But when it isn’t a series, and I only get a couple hundred pages of a story, I’m sad at the end. I don’t want to leave the story behind, or let the characters go. It feels like I’m losing friends like they’re moving away and I know I won’t see them again.

That might be why I read my favorite series over and over again. For instance, I’ve read the Harry Potter books countless times. Remember teenage me, staying up late to finish a book? That was every single time a new Harry Potter book came out. In preparation for the book to come out, I would reread all the other books, trying to glean little details that might be mentioned in the next installment. Then when the movies started coming out, I started to read the books in preparation for the movies, too. It was a whole thing – and I know those fellow Potterheads are just nodding and smiling right along with me. But I won’t just stop reading because it’s sad when it’s over. I just love that feeling.