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Currently – Late but Great!

Prepare for a picture overload, because I’ve got some to show off today! For this week’s Currently, I’ve got lots of updates for ya. We had a busy week with visitors, Hubby working overtime, and new things going on! I’m linking up as usual with Becky at Choose Happy! Join us!!

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Doing || a surprise bathroom renovation! This was a little dismaying, because we hadn’t planned on doing anything to our upstairs since we just redid the basement, but when the shower in the master bathroom started leaking (onto the new ceiling and flooring downstairs!) we knew we had to take care of it. Because the shower was tile, we had to completely tear it out and start over. We’d already had a patch job, and that was what leaked this time around. So we’ve picked out new tile, and are redoing the floors and repainting the walls while we’re at it. No better time than when you’re already gutting it, right? Here’s the shower all taken out… you can plainly see the water damage we’re dealing with.

Damaged wood (some of it had already been ripped out) and straight up drywall from the ceiling downstairs just exposed underneath our tile. Clearly whoever redid the shower before we bought the house didn’t do a great job.


This is what we’ve picked out for the floors and shower… White subway for most of the shower, mosaic for floor tile and accent strip, and that big tile on the right will be the bathroom floor – it was freeeeeeeee!
Current situation in the nursery… sorry Baby D… the drawers from our vanity, as well as everything else stored in the bathroom has made it into your room.
Current situation in my bedroom… the actual vanity, and yes, the toilet, are at the foot of my bed. I keep them there as a reminder that my middle of the night pee must take place in the hallway bathroom. HA!

Growing || Tomatoes and peppers and squash, oh my! Those three things are the most common item in our garden, but we’ve also got some eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, and several herbs as well. We finished up our third bed yesterday, so the new wave of tomatoes should hit after our other one is almost done. We tried to time it right!

Tiny cucumbers!


EK trying out the first fruits.
Gardeners in training. You can tell this was before we finished the third bed on the left.
Driving around with the truck full of dirt. I was stopped at a red light, FYI 🙂

Enjoying || the fact that my mom was able to come for a nice, long visit this past week or so! She came up to keep the kids since Hubby and I had a wedding on Saturday, but we ended up getting a lot of work done while she was here, and also an extra date or two, since our anniversary was Saturday!

Celebrating || Speaking of our anniversary, we celebrated 6 years together this weekend! 6 years, 2 homes, almost 3 kids, 1 home renovation (unless you count the bathroom as the second!), and a thousand happy memories already. I love that guy! He surprised me with some gorgeous earrings that go with my necklace and ring that he’d gotten me over the past 3 years. He’s so thoughtful! And GREAT at getting gifts 🙂

The fabled chef’s hat. Adorable, am I right?

Going to || Summer camp! EK’s first week of summer camp is this week (she’s got one more week the wee of my due date) and she’s loving it! The theme is cooking, so naturally she is enjoying herself immensely. She also comes home SUPER tired (or at least she did yesterday and today) and takes a long nap, so that’s a second reason we love it! She misses school I think, and we all need a little break from the norm (and our brothers!) sometimes, especially when summertime means we are all together all the time. She got in the car today with a giant grin on her face, and a toddler-made chef’s hat on her head. It was basically hilarious! Final perk to summer camp? It’s happening at our church, which is where she’ll go to preschool next year (different than this past year), so she’s spending time with some of the teachers and kids she will be with next year. Yay for helping with transitions!

The fabled chef's hat. It's adorable, am I right?!
The fabled chef’s hat. It’s adorable, am I right?!

Well folks, that’s about it in our life. Hope you enjoyed the long, photo-logged update! I want to hear what’s going on in your lives… anyone redoing a bathroom? Growing tomatoes? Celebrating an anniversary?! Tell me about it!

5 Reasons How I Met Your Mother Is Your New Netflix Go-To

Well folks, television has wrapped up for the summer, and Hubby and I have gone into mourning. We’re always looking for new-to-us shows to watch over the summer, when the binging is prime. Especially this summer when we’ll likely be home a little more than usual, and awake at stranger hours. Plus, the best thing about watching a show that every episode is available is the fact you’re not necessarily committing to a certain amount of time. After my kids are in bed and I want to veg in front of the TV, I’m not going to start Braveheart and get tired 30 minutes in, but I have more than just one new Modern Family episode and then nothing else to see.

That being said, if you’re looking for a new-to-you Netflix binge, and haven’t tried How I Met Your Mother, you should try it next. I first started watching HIMYM in the 8th season or so. I knew I was way behind, but Hubby and I spent a few weeks crushing the first 7 1/2 seasons to catch up, and then watched the last season and a half as they came out. I’m not gonna lie, at first I thought Ted was annoying but grew to love him, just like everyone else in the show. And the only highlight I needed to commit me to the show forever was Neil Patrick Harris. He’s pretty much awesome.


Here are a few reasons I think you’ll agree that HIMYM is a great binge-watching experience:

1. It’s a great mix of funny and heart-warming. I think there’s a balance in each episode (and the overall show) of something hilarious and something with the “awww” factor. I’m usually laughing at something Barney says, or something ridiculous Marshall does. But I also just really want Ted to end up with a good girl.

2. It’s easy to watch. I feel like I can pop in on pretty much any episode and enjoy it. I’ve only watched the seasons in order all the way through once, and it was fairly quickly, so I feel like I’ve forgotten a fair number of details. But that doesn’t make me enjoy the HIMYM experience any less. I’m not totally lost as to what’s happening, or missing out on a thousand inside jokes; the few that there are often show up with a flashback of how they started.

3. Relationships. There are so many relationship dynamics that you get to experience when watching through the entire show, romantic and otherwise. It’s like some other shows (I’m looking at you, Friends.) in that by the end, it feels like everyone has slept with everyone else, and there’s nothing left sacred. But Lily and Marshall are untouched, and the ridiculous rivalry between Marshall and Barney over which of them is Ted’s best friend (spoiler: it’s clearly Marshall) never fails to add a little hilarity to an episode.

4. Surprises! Everyone likes a good surprise on a TV show, whether it’s a crazy new storyline introduced in a season finale, or a disappointing lack of culmination of something you thought was being built up (be honest: even the disappointing surprises pull you in deeper). HIMYM is full of surprises… mostly relationship surprises… but a few other good ones as well! I like how unpredictable it is at times.

5. Great supporting characters. Even the side characters on this show are well thought out and add a lot to an episode. Whether it’s bartender Carl, Robin’s womanizing boss Sandy, or Ted’s aptly-named high school friend Punchy, the characters who are woven throughout our favorite five’s lives add some depth and even more humor to the show. We get to love them almost as much as we love the fab five!

So there are your reasons to watch it if you haven’t. Or even if you have! I’ve heard some criticism from sometimes-viewers that Ted is annoying, or that the show moves slowly, but I think if you watch it start to finish, you’ll love it!


I’m a little late on my Currently this week, but here it is! I’m linking up as usual with Becky over at Choose Happy! Join us and let us know what you’re up to currently!

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Enjoying || a day at the lake! Hubby’s parents have a place on Lake Norman, which is about an hour from us. So last Thursday, we packed up and went down for the day to enjoy the sunshine! We are super excited to be going back this Thursday, also! 

          Writing || about pregnancy, delivery, and newborns. Some of these posts have already gone up (like this one on delivery), and some are coming soon! It’s been on my mind a lot, for obvious reasons, and writing about it for y’all helps me prepare myself, too! Since it’s my third time doing this, I’m not terrified or anything, but the more comfortable I am with the process of having, bringing home, and nurturing a newborn, the easier it will be in addition to keeping my older kiddos happy. It’s going to be a huge life shift (as it always is) to add another person to our family, so I’m preparing myself mentally and emotionally to make it happen!

Eating || the three meals from our free week of Blue Apron! My friend Lauren and her husband have been subscribing to the service for a few weeks, and had a free week to give away, so Hubby and I just finished our first round! For $59, you are sent every single thing you need to prepare three separate meals for two people each (or two meals for four people) and directions, etc to make it happen. They’re fairly quick (20-40 minutes prep and cooking time) and all three have been totally delicious! Our favorite thing about them was that we’d never have fixed those dishes or used some of those ingredients (I’m looking at you, ramps. What even are you, anyway?) except that they were given to us. We totally recommend it! 

    Thankful for || beautiful weather and kids who love to play outside! J runs toward the door every time it opens, hoping to catch a few minutes in the grass. When we pull in the driveway, he doesn’t want to go in the house… he just wants to stay outside! It’s great because they usually wear themselves out and nap really well – and who doesn’t love that?! 

      Well, that’s what we’re doing Currently in our family! What have you been up to?