This is my sixth time linking up with some awesome bloggers to share life, connect, and give and get ideas! Love this link up – join us!

D O I N G || We are working on potty training and house purging/organizing, almost to the exclusion of all else. Both are very productive and healthy for us to be doing, and we have a ways to go yet.

P L A N N I N G || We have already started making our plans for the holiday season. Are we going to go see my family in GA? Will we invite everyone to come here? Will we plan lots of things or be a little more relaxed? All valid questions. All have no true answers yet. My schedule is already gearing up for church, since there are extra services and functions I’ll need to attend, as well as social gatherings of friends far and near. It’s going to be a busy few months, folks.

R E M E M B E R I N G || My maternal grandfather passed away in November of last year, and I think about him all the time, but especially now. My son has his eyes and his hairline (read: cowlick) and sometimes I look at him and want to weep for his great-grandfather and the fact that he won’t know him. He so would have loved my son, and my son would have loved him.

W I S H I N G || I love my kids at their stages right this minute… I’m wishing they could stop time for a few months and not change.

L O V I N G || I got a tip from my friend Aida about some fantastic boots on Amazon… so I bought them. And they are wonderful. I have worn them every other day almost. I’ve worn them with dresses, jeans, leggings, tights, and been completely happy every time I’ve put them on. Here’s the link: Very Volatile Women’s Mel Boot. I got the dark taupe. They come in teal, and I’m thinking about telling Hubby that’s what I want for Christmas…

What’s going on in your life currently?

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