How do you think it looks? 

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The other night, while the kids were taking their bath, I decided to give J’s and EK’s hair a little trim, mostly to make sure their bangs didn’t get into their eyes. They have endearingly shaggy cuts, and so I’d never want to jeopardize that. We had had some friends lingering after our dinner together, so after bath time, we fast-forwarded the bedtime routine, so we could get back to chatting with our friends. I was VERY surprised that EK didn’t make her way back up the stairs, as is her usual custom when we have friends over. (She likes to rejoin the party.) Their bedtime was a little late, so I attributed her absence to tiredness.

Around 11:00, when everyone had gone home and Hubby and I were getting ready for bed, I felt like I should go check once more and see if they were nestled in their beds. When Hubby and I got to the hallway where the kids’ rooms are, I saw EK’s light on underneath her door. When we got inside, we immediately saw little pieces of paper and ribbon from various bows that had all been cut into tiny pieces.

(I’ll take a moment to clarify that we don’t allow scissors without supervision. I’ll also clarify that I happened to leave those bangs-trimming scissors to dry on the bathroom counter, but up against the backsplash, and out of sight.)

Finding EK on the far side of her bed, working on a ribbon on her nightgown, I asked, “What are you doing, babe?” She looked up at me, and replied, “Just cutting stuff.” At this, I started to the see hair on the floor. I took the scissors and said, “Well you know that it’s not okay for you to use scissors without me or Daddy with you. And look at all the hair you’ve cut off!”

As she started to cry (mostly from being in trouble, I think), I looked at Hubby and said quietly, “That’s a lot of hair…” Turning back to a sniffling EK, I said, “You really cut a lot of hair. How do you think it looks?” And as the dam broke and she crumbled into a hot mess, she cried, “Great!” and succumbed to the sobbing. As tears filled my eyes, I told her the most important thing I could think to tell her: “If you think you look great, then so do I.”

You see, she’s not yet four years old. She is outwardly tough, but can be fragile in many ways. She is moldable, flexible, and absorbs every single thing she sees and hears. If I had dared tell her it didn’t look good, or that she did an awful job on her hair, well, it would’ve crushed her. It likely would’ve stuck out in her mind for a long while. Instead, the focus of the scold was on scissor safety and not the outcome of a self-done haircut. After all, it’ll grow. And it looks right cute with a headband in it. She’s still my adorable EK, and her hair just has a little extra spunk.

Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday afternoon, all! I hope you’re safe if you’ve been snowed in, and enjoying the wintry mix! Here’s a little bit about what my kids have been saying this week… 

 Parroting with the best of them…
EK: There’s seeyand in my lantro! (Sand in my cilantro.)

Hubby: No, don’t do that! Go downstairs and find a new game!
EK: Oooh! Let’s go downstairs and find a new game, Joseph! (As if it was her idea.)
Me: What was your favorite part today?
EK: When I spilled my soup and I ran away and I pooped!
Me: ….

EK, playing with Lauren’s hair: This is gonna look so good for Drew. (Lauren’s husband)

J, watching Hubby chop something: What’s that, Daddy?
EK, from the other room: It’s garlic!

Me: Did you just stick your finger I your diaper?!
J: I just stuck my finger in my diaper because I pooped. And it’s YUCKY!

EK was wearing a princess dress, watching Thomas the Train, peeking from the stairs…
Hubby: EK, do you like Thomas?
EK: Um, just a little bit.

EK: Mom, look! I ate all my dinner so I can be the strongest than my dad!

EK often wants to pretend that she is the mommy, and that’s what we were doing when this happened…
EK: I’m on the way to the baby center to have my baby.
Me: Is the baby a boy?
EK: Yes.
Me: Is his name Davis?
EK: No, just Rudy.
(To clarify why this is even funnier, we don’t know anyone named Rudy.)

When I’m putting EK to bed, I see this on her sheets:

If it’s hard to tell, the pink owl’s eyes have been colored blue.
Me: What happened right here?
EK: I wanted to her eyes to be blue.
Me: What did you color them with?
EK: My blue chappicks! (chapstick)
Face palm.

Pulling into Chick-fil-A:
EK, in a sing song voice: I see Chickalayyyyyy!
J, in the same singsong voice: I see French friiiiiiies!

EK: Yestnight (Last night)
EK: Mexan (Mexican, as in the restaurant)
J: Dinoson (Some sort of combination of a dinosaur and a dragon)
J: Snowman (Means anything having to do with snow, even if it’s nothing to do with a snowman)
J: Panpakes (Pancakes)

Well what have your kids been saying? Any snow funnies?


Happy Monday! I missed last week, so I’m glad to be back on the bandwagon for Currently today! I’m linking up with Becky and the group, and talking about our winter wonderland here in NC! Join us so we can see what you’re up to currently!

Playing || in the snow! It’s been lovely having enough snow to actually play in! It was a little too icy to make snowmen or snowballs, but we sledded three days in a row! That’s a record for me, y’all.   

 Drinking || new beers. There’s a new growler store in town, and they have an impressive array of craft and local beers! I’m swapping growlers at least once a week to try new things. Yum!  

Enjoying || a few days off. While it can be frustrating to be thrown off (I didn’t even know what day it was this weekend), it’s nice to have your plans cancelled for you, your time freed up, and the ability to stray from the norm. Our kids napped late, went to bed late, and slept late for a few days. We all played outside, which we typically don’t do when it’s frigid (and not snowy, anyway). We ate chili and soup and drank hot chocolate almost exclusively. Those are things you get to enjoy when you’re  snowed in that you don’t allow yourself to indulge in too often. 

Watching || football! I’ve not watched much NFL ever, but we’ve been indulging in some Panthers football this season. While I don’t pretend to have been a Panthers fan all my life (I’m not even from NC, ya know?) it’s been fun to follow some football, and cheer for a team who is now going to the Super Bowl!  What a great excuse to watch a little more football!  

Well, did you have snow where you are? Are you still stuck? Let’s hear what you’re up to!

Things Toddlers Say

Hey y’all! I thought last week’s edition of Things Toddlers Say seemed long, but maybe my kids are just crazy, because this week’s is long, too! So here they are – the funniest things I’ve heard around here this week.  

 We love The Gruffalo, a book by Julia Donaldson (and also a short “movie” on Netflix!) so this conversation started normally…
Hubby: My favorite food is owl ice cream!
Me: My favorite food is scrambled snake!
EK: My favorite food is… toilet paper!

EK’s permanent retort when she runs out of things to say: Look, I know how to stop this winter.

On the way to get breakfast…
EK: We’re going to have special breakfast. Go right-left here. And then take a left.
Hubby: When’s your birthday?
EK: I don’t know.
Hubby: it’s April 13th! Can you count to 13?
EK: No.
Hubby: Let’s try!
Together: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…
Hubby: What’s next?

Lala: Do you want a hushpuppy?
J: No, I don’t like pushuppy.

We’ve been working on shapes with J. He’s got most of them down, but hasn’t been able to latch onto “diamond”. Earlier, he had this swaddle, pictured above, and was calling it his “kite” swaddle. I finally figured out he was talking about the diamond shape print. Smart kid.

J: Come on ride the train… and ride it!

J locked himself in our bedroom before dinner, and was shouting, “I want out of the dark now!”

Annie to EK: You’re such a good girl!
EK: Yeah! That’s the point!

J: I want my kwackwer now!
He means graham crackers.

I’m singing “Bad Blood” while driving, and then I hear two kids shouting a perfectly-timed “Hey!” from the backseat. So well-trained.

EK’s best misnomer of late is yest-night.

J watched the first few minutes of Jurassic World (before it got scary, okay?!) and now confuses dinosaurs with dragons (he has always loved How to Train Your Dragon). He’s been calling dinosaurs “dinosons”.

Me: What color play doh do you want?
EK: Pink!
Me: There’s no pink, sweetie. How about orange?
EK: Okay! Orange is my favorite, my not pink favorite.

EK hands me this:  
And then asks, “What do you want for lunch? This is your menu!”

Every time EK sees a unicorn: Look, Mommy! An un-icorn! (As in un-der or un-fit.)

So…. you’ve heard mine, so let’s hear yours! What are you kiddos talking about?

Getting My Groove Back

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus!

This isn’t just a cutsie post about how I took a little while after the holidays to find my regularly scheduled rhythm. This is a post about how mid-winter, when the holiday rush is done, but spring has yet to begin, there is a slump. I don’t just mean in the school year (though as a former teacher, I know that is REAL) or the weather (also stupidly cold) but just in life in general. Coming down off a joyous season of celebration, family, friends, and the Lord’s goodness, I’m experiencing sadness – a bit of a Christmas hangover, if you will. 

I was chatting with a friend a few days ago about how much more difficult it is to put Christmas decorations away than it is to get them out. You’d think it would be the same amount of work, and it might actually be. But it’s much harder to put them away because you’re just packing away sparkly, festive happiness. I mean, who wouldn’t be a little bummed about that? Have lots of parties, listen to happy music, see everything shining and twinkling, and then all of a sudden, pack all the joy away and return to the dead of winter? Ugh. Hubby ended up putting away the last of our decorations, with the help of his mom, one day while I was out. I had gotten halfway done, and just… couldn’t finish. Boxes and packing paper were strewn about, the tree was mostly devoid of ornaments but not totally. It just felt sad every time I thought about getting everything packed away, and I’ll be totally honest… I’d been using the still-lit tree as a nightlight.

So naturally, I’ve been dragging myself, slowly but surely, out of said slump. I’ve been trying to jazz myself up by making some fun plans for the kids and I to enjoy. I’m trying to not feel as though the winter has already peaked. 

And then yesterday morning, a Sunday, when I got out of bed – at the 9th snooze – there was the most perfect distinct g of snow on the ground. My daughter – from window to window, with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. I had forgotten what a few snow flurries will do for a child. The joy was tangible. It spread from person to person, until everyone in the house was so excited, we had to ask whether church was canceled, in case we could go outside to play. The contagious excitement and healing laughter jerked me right out of my emotional recession and into a renewed inflation of joy.  

 What if the joy of the Lord could spread like that? Just a little, from person to person to person… brightening her day here and calming his fears there. What if you let the little things fill you up with unspeakable joy that others could witness in your very countenance? Let the childlike faith overcome you and your post-holiday slump, and keep the joy in your everyday life, mundane tasks, and passive interactions with others. How many lives could you change? How might you entertain angels unawares? How often would you welcome the stranger that might just be Jesus? 


Life just keeps on happening, folks. The busyness never goes away, so I’m just gonna take it head on and see who wins! Here’s a little update for what’s going on around here… I’m joining Becky in her link up as usual, so tell us what’s going on with you, too!currently button

Loving || the My Big Jesus podcasts. I was very behind, and I totally just spent a couple hours catching up. Hilarious, and even more hilarious because I know these guys. Check it out!

Learning || with some sensory play! We took some ideas from Pinterest about pine cleaners and strainers, and patterns with beads. They’re a hit, even if for a short time. 

Anticipating || some snow! I know we’re going to get some, but in NC, it may be a few more weeks yet. Or it could be tomorrow. Buuuuuuut the weather here changes every 30 seconds, so we’ll see.

nc weather meme
image from
Playing || Spades! If you’ve never played, but you like card games, you should definitely start. It’s a four player game only, so it’s perfect for playing with couple friends. We’ve got two sets of people we play with pretty often, and I must say, I’m getting better!

Working || for a friend’s business making cold calls to possible clients. I love talking to people, so why not?! It’ll be a fun way to make a little extra cash and help out my friend. Has anyone ever done cold calls before?

Excited || to start the women’s service back up at my church this week! They take a 6 week break around the holidays, but Thursday is the first one of 2016! I’m excited to get that back into my routine, because I love the extra worship, and I adore the women in my small group. (The teachings are available here in case you’d like to watch/listen! They’re awesome!)

Well, what’s going on in your life? Tell me all about it!

Things Toddlers Say – the Extended Version

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I don’t know if you can tell by the picture below, but we’ve had a… crazy week. These guys are getting more hilarious by the day, and I’m so excited each week to share this insight into my life with you. Thanks for reading and sharing!

EK: What is this place?
Aunt Holly: It’s my house!
EK: I don’t like it at other people’s houses. But I like it at this house.
Holly: Well, that’s a big compliment.

Me, with the bedtime routine: What was your favorite part today?
J: I saw mine Sesley!
Me: Aww, seeing Wesley? (His uncle)
J: And I saw mine Holly!
Me: And seeing Holly? (Aunt)
J: And I saw my best frenn! (aka his cousin Finley)
Heart. Melted. Cousin love.

Me: Want some Mac and cheese?
EK: Sure!
J: Sure, too!
I had already asked J and he had said, “No. I didn’t like that anymurr.”

My nephew Henry was born last week, and he is SO cute!
Me: I think we are going to meet Henry today!
EK: Aw yay! Do we get to meet Mimi, too?!
Me: No, not yet. (She is due in March, but all babies arrive at the same time, obviously.)

Outside on the swing set…
J: I schwinging, Mommy! I schwinging like El Kate!

After a hectic evening of loud play with family, EK’s grandma felt like she hadn’t seen very much of her throughout the evening.
Grandma: Can you say one nice or kind thing to me before you go?
EK: (after thinking) I love God.
Grandma: Well, I suppose that’s a very nice thing to say!

J, on the phone with Annie: Look at the trucks! I got an owl swaddle! I got a Batman blanket! I wanna hold Annie’s phone (meaning: hold the phone while he talks to Annie)! Did you talk to El Kate? I needa see El Kate now!
This was all while showing the phone around the room, as if it was on FaceTime (it wasn’t), and chattering away without letting Annie even speak.
 Referring to the picture above, J: I wanna put it on the Christmas tree now!
Me: That’s not an ornament, buddy. Not everything that has a string goes on the tree.
Yes, the tree is still up. Don’t hate.

At dinner, we were talking about who liked which princesses…
Andrea: Do you like Anna?
EK: No.
Andrea: Well, who is your favorite princess?
EK: Me!
Me: Touché.

J, getting tickled: No more tickles, Andree! You trouble!

EK, having (an extremely healthy) breakfast at Krispy Kreme: There’s donuts everywhere! They’re taking a ride! (on the conveyor belt)

EK (“Reading” the sign at Krispy Kreme): That sign says “donut store”.

J was splashing a lot in the tub…
EK, petting his face: Easy… easy boy!
Hubby: He’s not a horse.

Mom brag: I heard J counting his steps as he came up the stairs the other day. He didn’t miss one.

We have a book called “The Busy Little Train”. Each page adds another animal on to the train, and it says what number of them there are on the train. It’s a rhyming book, too, so EK can always predict what thing it says next. They love this stupid book. Anyway, tonight (Monday) we read it, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I paused for them to say the number, J happily said, “TWOOOOOOO!” Every. Single. Time.

Well, there are my highlights! What have your kids been up to?

Top Posts of 2015

Well, 2015 was a landmark year for me as a writer. I was published on three sites other than my own, and even paid for my work! That’s something that I never thought would happen, and I’m so proud of myself, if I’m allowed a little pat on the back.


So, in honor of a successful year of writing, AND because tons of my blogger friends were doing this, here are my top five posts from 2015! Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing your lives, caring about mine, and contributing to my success!

Things I’ve Heard at 33 Weeks Pregnant – a hilarious account of all the things that strangers tell you when you’re very obviously pregnant.

10 Tips for Soon-to-Be Moms – a first installment of a series (the second is here!) of tips and tricks for moms, soon-to-be moms, and friends of moms.

Why I Decided to Stop Breastfeeding (and You Can, Too) – my breastfeeding journey with D

Accidental Announcement – that one time I told y’all I was pregnant, but I didn’t mean to.

An Open Letter to Friends Who Don’t Invite Me to Stuff Just Because I Have Kids – because I have feelings, and I still want to hang out!

What were your favorite posts of the year?


A new year, and a new Currently to give a little update! I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy, Jenna at Gold & Bloom, and Anne In Residence. In honor of starting 2016 off right, I’ve got a totally organized update for you!
currently button

Resolving || to pray. That’s it. I wrote about it, explaining in a little more detail, but basically, I just want to grow closer to the Lord and rely on Him more.

Reading || Still Harry Potter, and then I want to get into the next thing. Any suggestions? I’ve heard I need to get on the Fifth Wave train…

Organizing || my Christmas things as I put them away. I’ve always been a big fan of the 12 days of Christmas, so I haven’t started putting things up quite yet. Hopefully by the end of this week we will be all sorted out, though. This year, my goal is to actually rid the house of all things Christmas: books (we have a lot), pajamas, ornaments, the whole deal. Wish me luck!

Loving || that it’s finally cold outside! I love turtlenecks, scarves, and coats, and I’m finally wearing all three! Yay!

Craving || Coffee and Prosecco. Those two things are basically my life blood. The only thing I care about is that I drink several bottles of water between the one and the other. It’s a busy time, folks, and I need the boost on both ends!

Partying || for New Year’s! We hosted, since finding a babysitter that night is difficult. We had our besties over, plus a few more, and craziness ensued. What else would happen on NYE? 

we all just stood on the (very sturdy) coffee table so you could see the ball we made.
we don’t have cable, so we fabricated the ball drop.
Hubby and I obviously danced. Obviously.
 Well, there’s my life currently. What are you up to?