Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! What a week it’s been since last Tuesday… we are talking HUGE life changes for everyone around here, adding baby D to our ranks! Lots of cute things happening in the toddler world…


This catches pretty truthfully the chaos and love surrounding our little D at all times.
When talking about the theme of next week’s summer camp (ocean commotion)…
EK: I’m a mermaid, just like you! And Joseph’s a shark, just like dad. We all have tails.
Science, y’all.

Swinging outside in the backyard…
EK: this is the best party ever!

As we are pulling out of the driveway (in our old car)…
EK: Bye bye, new car! We can ride in you later, when baby Davis gets born!
What can I say? She loves it.

Seeing D for the first time, in the hospital…
Hubby: EK, who is this?
EK: Baby Davis. (Looks around skittishly.)
Hubby: Isn’t he cute?
EK: (Looks quickly at D, then quickly away again.) Mmhmm.
Hubby: Do we love him?
EK: Mmhmm. (Looks for approval.)
Hubby: Want to give him a kiss?
EK: (Fastest ever) Mwah.
Me: Maybe she’ll like him better at home?

The next evening, when we brought D home…
J: Mommy! Baby! Mommy! Baby!
EK: It’s my baby brother Davis! (Continues on for five minutes, talking to D, talking about D, and kissing D, all the while she and J are alternately trying to climb in the infant seat with him.)

Last night, while snuggling in my bed before she went downstairs to her room…
EK: Mommy, are those your jewries? (Jewelry)
Me: Yep!
EK: When the sun comes up, you can put on your jewries and go to church and siiiiing… And I can put on my jewries and go to church too! We gon’ have so much fun!

EK to my mom: Let me check your baby. (Holds stethoscope to her belly.) I gotta see if her’s in there.

EK, on toenail polish: I wanna pick out my color! I want barkle! (Sparkle. – I hope.)

On our first full day home, I was in the chair in the nursery (a La-Z-Boy rocker/recliner that I LOVE, aka big enough to hold me and plenty more) nursing D, and J came in. He carefully chose a book, climbed gingerly into the chair to sit next to me, and “read” the entire book (Room on the Broom, which we love, even this far away from Halloween) to D and me. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve experienced so far… A sweet little date with my boys.

Currently… Introducing Our Newest Addition!

I’m linking up this week as usual with Becky at Choose Happy, bringing you the most exciting news I will likely have for a long time!

Introducing || Davis Ryan! Born last Thursday, very early in the morning, after a hard albeit short labor and quick delivery. He weighed 7lbs 15oz, and measured 21 inches long (the same length as his brother and his sister). A full birth story is in the works, so look for that next week. For now, here are a few pictures of our little guy! We are so in love!


Appreciating || so many friends and family members who are already feeding us, helping out, and loving us as a family of five! Thanks, everyone! Your support and love means so much to us.

Surviving || as well as I can on very little sleep. Last night was our hardest night yet, and we are hoping not to have another one quite like that. I don’t want to add too much caffeine back into my diet (I mean, I didn’t lay off of it completely but I had scaled it way back) until I know how D is gonna handle it. So for now I’m trying to survive on little sleep and little caffeine. Phew.

Learning || how to balance my attentions and my focus between my three kids, my husband, my house, etc. I have a feeling this may be a long journey to finding out exactly what’s best. EK is in camp again this week in the mornings, so that is a fun thing for her to do that helps me out as far as maybe sneaking a morning nap or getting some housework done. J also enjoys the break from EK, since they often like to play with the same toys. He likes a little time to be the main man around the house!

Enjoying || watching my kids love on each other. J and EK are both enthralled with the baby, wanting to kiss him and snuggle him and tickle him. It’s pretty darn cute, folks. And as always, I’m loving watching Hubby snuggle that tiny child. He is always so gentle and dear with a newborn, and it literally melts my heart to see him with one of our own little newborns again. Am I allowed to say that I wish we could have a tiny one all the time? Ha!

Well, I will try to update as much as I can through the busyness of this season, but if you don’t hear from me, don’t leave me! I promise I’ll be around on Facebook and Instagram, if not the blog. Look out for Toddler Tuesday tomorrow, because it’s coming for sure!

Please leave comments and tell me what’s going on with you currently!

The Days Are Long, But the Years Are Short

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus!

Sometimes, cliches are stupid. You hear them, and you know they’re outdated, or they’re totally unrelated to how you’re actually feeling. (Everything happens for a reason and good things come to those who wait.) Other times, cliches are totally on par. (Two wrongs don’t make a right and laughter is the best medicine.) One cliche I’ve been hearing a lot recently (as in, ever since I became a mom) and I unfortunately agree with is this: The days are long, but the years are short.
Oh my, but the days are indeed long. They start earlier and earlier (can you say toddlers get up with the sun?) and they seem to be ending later and later. Here’s another cliche on this same note: Sleep is for the weak! Oh, that’s not a cliche? That’s just a stupid thing people say? Oh. You’re right. Anyway…

As I’m surviving my long days of diapers, chores, to-do lists, crying and clinging, I sometimes get frustrated. When naps don’t go as planned, my outings are cut short by tantrums, or the lovingly-prepared meals hit the dirty floor (for the second time), I can’t want to cash in my chips and call it a day, even if I’m in the hole.

But what about the second part? That bit about years being short… it surely hits home when I look around and see how time has flown. My daughter is a tall, lanky three. She’s twice as talkative as she was just a few short months ago, and today at the pool she was jumping off the diving board. I’m a proud mama bear, but I’m weeping on the inside, pining for her days of fat-cheeked giggles and learning to crawl.

I’m not really writing this to be like the old lady at the grocery store who tells you how much “you’ll miss this”. I’m not even writing it to say you should “enjoy the little moments”. I’m just writing it to say that, by God, you’re right. The days are long as hell sometimes. They’re so long and tedious that you’ll cry for a glass of wine and your pillow. But the years are truly short. They’re so short and sweet that you’ll be floored by how quickly the milestones are passing. Motherhood is full of these paradoxes and imbalances. So alright, I’ll say it. You might as well know that “you’ll miss this” and you should “enjoy the little moments” before they’re too quickly gone. Look for the fun in your long days, and savor all the moments you can.

Parenting Fail: Brand New Third Kid Edition

I’ve got a funny little story for you. It happened during D’s first two days of life. It’s just a little bit of proof that nobody has it all together, and nobody knows exactly what to do with their newborn. We were still in the hospital, in fact, where things should be totally fine, because there are a hundred people around to help me care for my son. Right? Sure.

Hubby had just left to go get some lunch and install the infant car seat so that we could go home that evening. I was pretty excited to have a few minutes with no visitors, so that I could maybe catch some zzz’s before going home to the madhouse (which honestly I’m excited about, because obviously I miss my kids and I love the family and friends that will be going through our revolving door over the next days and weeks to meet baby D).

So I settled into the bed, with a hiccuping D, to try to snuggle him to sleep. We both had full bellies, so I figured we’d take great naps. D had other plans. He decided to poop. Totally fine. I know the kid needs to do that… especially to get the first few (extra yucky) poops out. I heard it happening, waited what was surely an appropriate amount of time for him to finish, then stood up to change him. I wanted to hurry because, duh, I wanted a nap.

I undressed him and took off his diaper gingerly, then started to wipe him off. As if I had hit a magic button, the kid starts to pee. He’s a tiny baby… how much pee can be in there, right? Well, he pees. Then he pees some more. Somehow, it’s as though a sprinkler has turned on. Pee on me, pee on his first outfit ever, pee on his face, pee on the four blankets in his little crib/changing table/cart. He was literally giving the room a shower. Finally, it subsided. I had to use an entire pack of wipes getting the pee off every inch of his body (and my arms) and had a whole bag full of laundry when we were done. He was beet red and screaming his head off, basically looking at me like, “Mom! How dare you let me pee all over myself like that!” I know, kid. I also wish I hadn’t let you do that. Especially because he got a little red rash across him that he hadn’t had before his epic pee. Must’ve irritated his sensitive skin. What a guy. 

So if you’re ever having a third kid, and you’re like, “I’ve got diaper changes in the bag!” or “The hospital does everything for you while you’re there!” then beware. You just might be in store for a classic “I forgot newborns did that” moment. It’s tough to remember the exact joys of having a day-old baby until you’ve got one. Hello, sweet little fuzzy baby, who pees on everything. 

Babysitters: Are You a Micro-Manager From Afar or Do You Enjoy Your Outing?

Because I’m in the hospital with my brand new, sweet, second son (Baby D says, “Hey there!”) here’s one I wrote a little while ago!

I can be one of two things when it comes to leaving my kiddos with someone… I can be a micro-managing crazy person with a list of a hundred guidelines (read: requirements) or I can just be the trusting mom who says, “Have fun!”

My slightly-OCD tendency is to overdo it. I get worked up, setting out pajamas and sippy cups (already put together, because no babysitter ever knows how to figure that mess out) and favorite blankets. I want to write where every single item in the house can be found, a list of healthy, mom-approved foods that I know my kids will eat (and when they’re allowed to eat them), how to work the TV so that they can watch an allotted 22-minute educational show, and a detailed bedtime routine that must be strictly followed. I want to leave numbers for the closest ten people, and I want to check my phone every two minutes while I’m gone.

But let’s be honest: would that be a nice outing for me? Probably not. I’d be miserable, wondering whether or not everyone kept to my schedule, and looking at my phone every two minutes is just rude, whether I’m out with the girls or with Hubby.

The alternative to this, for me, is the opposite end of the spectrum. I just say, “Bye!” and leave it in the probably-capable hands of my babysitter. They’ll call if they need anything, right? It’s just about relinquishing my control into someone else’s hands, and in the case of my children, it’s tough.

I remember that on my 3 year old’s first day of preschool, I was so nervous. She was crying when we left (Doesn’t every kid cry on their first day of leaving Mom and Dad? No? Just tell me they do.) and I was worried all morning that there would be some need that she’d have that they wouldn’t notice, or couldn’t help her with. Not that I had chosen a preschool that I wasn’t comfortable with or anything like that. I just felt like Mama knows best, ya know?

But now that I’m pregnant with my third, I’ve become a little less crazed about it. When I take my daughter to school, I make sure her bags are packed with everything she could possibly need (yeah, I still do it) and I hug her, kiss her, and run out. I’m a little more confident.  I don’t write a big list for a babysitter, either. I offer some tips on getting them to eat dinner (It’s all about options!) or to make bedtime go more smoothly (Don’t try to do it too early!), but then I kiss those tiny angels, apply my lip gloss, and get the hell outta dodge. I mean, Mama needs a night out, right? (Side note: I am guilty of often hiring a  babysitter after my kids bedtime, so that there are no transitional issues. My 1 1:2 year old sometimes tries to squeeze out the door with me, or I can hear him hollering as I get in the car. Breaks a mama’s heart, so I avoid it where I can.)

Letting go is hard, no matter what the situation, how long you might be letting go for, and into whose hands your leaving the precious ones. How do you cope deal prepare to leave your kiddos with someone else?

A Letter to My Third Child – Mom Babble

Hi folks! In honor of my being 39 weeks today, Mom Babble has graciously decided my letter to baby D was worth publishing today! It’s my Mom Babble debut, and I absolutely LOVE their site… everything is honest, loving, and wonderful. It’s truly an amazing group of people, and you should absolutely subscribe if you haven’t already! Anyway, here’s a little snippet from my letter… check the rest out on Mom Babble, share it on Facebook or Twitter, and send it to a friend!

My sweet little Davis,

I’m getting really excited for you to get here. There are just nine weeks left until you’re due to arrive and I already wish I could see you next week. Mostly, I’m excited to meet you, see what you look like, and introduce you to your crazy siblings. I’m also getting uncomfortable, peeing all the time and sleeping less than ever. Mostly, I want to meet you.

I know you’ve been in my womb, hearing the squeals and shouts and cries and songs of your family. We may be a loud bunch, but we’re a good one. We love big and we show it often…

Read the rest on Mom Babble!

Things Toddlers Say 

This past week we had a lovely visit from my brother and his girlfriend, and several nights spent with good friends. Naturally my kids behave way better in front of company (right?!) so this one is pretty good… and I’m totally ecstatic that J is joining the ranks of Toddlers Talking. Enjoy!

Picture this (I tried to get a picture unsuccessfully): EK walking around the house with her belly stuck way out, strutting about, talking about having a baby soon. For some reason, she was also talking strangely and had her head tucked in to create more chins. I’d like to say I don’t look like that. But it’s been happening all week.

EK, to my bro’s gf: Sometimes, I hit my brother, and Necie gets mad and spanks me. (Note: this doesn’t happen.)

Saying goodbye to my bro and his gf…
Me: Say, “bye bye!”
The kids: Bye, bye!
Me: Say, “Drive safe!”
EK: Don’t go any fast!
(Same sentiment, right?)

Shouted from across the room…
EK: Daddy! I wanna cucumba salaaaaad!
(My extremely unhealthy kid.)

A kid with an amazing memory…
EK: Mom! I see the hospital where we get the baby! (A conversation about this was had with Hubby the day before.)

Me, trying to stuff more breakfast in my kid: Joseph, would you like some of Mommy’s egg?
J: No! (Runs from the other room, mouth hanging open.)

Watching a friend open a bottle of wine, hands over her mouth… When he finally got it:
EK: You got it! You got it! Yay!
(Always worth celebrating.)

J eats a bite of cupcake: Happy birthday to you…. (It’s not anyone’s birthday. He just likes that song a lot.)

Me: EK, tell Andrea and Chris good night!
EK: Good night! Good night! (Turns to me.) Mom! I said good night to girl and boy!
Me: Well, you guys have been demoted. (EK totally knows their names.)

What funny things has your toddler said recently?