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Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, y’all! We are in Georgia visiting my family for the week, so I’ve been in and out of actually writing things down. BUT here are some of the funnies that have occurred over the last week. Hope you enjoy them!

J, making friends: Hey! Wanna meet my dad? He’s over there, he has shoes, pants, and a shirt. Anyway, his name’s Ryan.
Me to Hubby: That might’ve overwhelmed the poor kid.

D, licking me: Ewwww! Hehehehe, ewwww!

Me, wiping D’s nose with his shirt: Sorry, I don’t usually do this but I don’t have any tissues.
Annie: Sometimes it’s necessary.
EK: That’s what babies are all about, Mom.
Me: Uh, yeah.

J: Look at what I made! (Above)
Me: Oh, it looks nice!
J: No! It’s a ship and it’s NOT nice. I’m gonna put some guns on it.
Me: Alright then.

J, playing with some magnatiles: Look Dad! It’s THUNDER CRAB! SMASH!

Heard from the back seat…
J: I don’t like playing family. I like playing hide and seek.

Me, on the phone: Hello? Are you still there? Can you hear me? I can’t hear her anymore.
EK: She’s probably just in the bath.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Comment with some funny things YOUR kids have been saying these days!!

Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed a nice Memorial Day! We spent a few hours at the pool with family, spent some time with friends playing games during the kids’ nap time, and then had more friends over for dinner! All in all it was a nice day, and I hope yours was, too! Here are our funnies for the week – Enjoy!

J, runs up to me with a toy screwdriver: Mom! It’s my work! It’s part of my work I was doing!

EK: Mom, what is that girl called? The one on the G-A-R-L-M-H-K-G? (Attempted robotic voice) “The turn is in one mile away.”
Me: What? I don’t know.
Hubby: …..the GPS?
EK: The one that gives us “one mile away”. What’s her name?
Me: Well, she’s a computer…..

EK and I up a little early one morning: I can’t hear Daddy snoring. Is his door shut?

EK and J taking turns using the bathroom…
J: I like those underwears!
EK: Thanks!
J: I like the girls on them.
EK: Yeah, so many Cinerellas.
I suppose they should start pottying alone.

J: Mom! Did you know that daddy whales are mommy whales?!?!
Me: Well…. I don’t…. Ryannnnn!

J: You know what drinks your blood?
Hubby: What drinks your blood?
J: Grasshoppers.
Hubby: I don’t think so. They eat grass.
J: But EK told me so yesterday!
Hubby: Mosquitos drink your blood.
J: But grasshoppers just hop! They don’t eat grass!
Me: I don’t know anything about bugs.

D’s longest sentence to date: I got in the cold water!

Hubby is eating a salad…
J: Daddy! We’re twins!
Hubby: How?
J: My fork is green and your leaves are green and my fork is green and we are twins!

J, at dinner: Mom when will my rice be cool enough to eat?
Me: I bet when you finish your chicken finger it’ll be cool enough.
J, a minute later: Mom, you were absolutely wrong.
Me: ……….
Hubby: Careful…
J: I finished my chicken and this rice is NOT cool enough to eat.

J, lifting something heavy: I’m even stronger than Jesus!

What are the silly things your kids are saying these days?

Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday! Summer is almost here! We are preparing for warm weather and sunshine at our house – how about you? Hope the funnies find you well and not too busy as school ends… Enjoy!

First thing in the morning…
D: Hi!
Hubby: Hi!
D: I poop!
Hubby: You sure did…

J: Look at my robots!
Me: How many eyes do your robots have?
J: This ones got a hundred and this one has two!

EK, giving the above plate of food to me: I know that looks like a regular egg, but it’s actually an Australia egg.

Me: Who sneezed?
EK: It was just a tree outside.
Me: A tree sneezed?
EK: Yeah! How magical is that?!

J: I can’t reach!
Me: Be there in one second!
J: Okay, I’ll count to one. Five, four, three, two, one!

Overheard from the back of the car…
J: We can’t see Jesus because he’s hiding in our hearts.

EK, running up to me, crying: Mom! I falled while we were playing risbeef!
She meant frisbee. And I was trying so hard not to laugh at her pain.

EK got in our bed at 3:00am and after several minutes of no one sleeping…
Me: It’s time to go back and get in your own bed.
EK: Will you carry me?
Me: *picks her up and heads for the stairs*
EK: I just couldn’t sleep because you and Daddy kept moving your legs around.
Me: You know that we didn’t ask you to get in our bed, right?

EK: Ladies and gentlemen! The dangerous volcano is interrupting five minutes! Please stay away so you do not get hurt! Five, four, three, two, one!

J: I found a microbot (from Big Hero 6) on EK’s purse!

5 Things Parents Do On Vacation Without Their Kids

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus

My husband whisked me away last week for a whirlwind trip to NYC. There were several reasons (excuses?) for the trip, including a special concert, my recent birthday, and a desperate need of time off during a busy season, and it was well-timed and perfect. While it was short (48 hours, to be exact), it was just what we needed to relax a bit and treat ourselves before we stopped sleeping entirely.

During the trip, I noticed a few things we did simply because the kids weren’t around. Life with kids is awesome, but it’s different- no one will argue that. So on our two special days without them, here are a few things we did differently…

1. Eat all the fancy food. Of course when you’re in NYC, you get a little crazy about finding good food. But Hubby and I went to restaurants we’d never dream of taking the kids. There was no macaroni and cheese on any menu, and we ate adventurously (as is our favorite thing to do).

2. Walk quickly. The pace might be a bit quicker there, but we power-walked everywhere we went. We were able to make the most of our time (and not spend a fortune on cabs) because we could be quite quick. There were no strollers, no one hanging onto us or needing to stop and rearrange their sock. We strolled around the city, Googling and Yelping to find our next destination as we walked. It was amazingly simple and free.

3. Abandon the schedule. We are whenever we were hungry, and even if we weren’t. We stayed up really late. We stayed out the entire afternoon, whereas usually we are bound by naptime. There was nowhere to be except wherever we wanted. And most importantly…

4. Sleep late. I’ll be honest, the first morning, my body clock woke me up at 7:30. But I looked at the time, rolled over, and slept two more hours! It was glorious!

5. Call home a lot. We FaceTimed and texted my aunt (who kept the kids) a couple of times a day, just to make sure things were alright. And to share what we were up to. But not because we missed the kids. Nope. Not much.

It was a great time away, and fun to remember those things you get to do without your tiny buddies. But you sure do miss them while you’re gone.

Parenting is a tough gig.

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus!

Some days, parenting can be tiring, lonely, annoying, or just plain hard. Yes, it can rewarding, beautiful, hilarious, and heartwarming, too. But some days, it’s just a tough gig.

 There are endless bottles to make, diapers to change, naps to protect, blankets to find (or wash), stuffed animals to love on, toys to pick up, laundry to do, tiny shirts to fold, and matching shoes to locate when you’re trying to leave the house. There are moments of sheer exhaustion hearing the 28,562nd question from your toddler, or waking up the fourth time in the same night with your infant whose sleeping has regressed. There are moments of, “I’m totally fed up!” when your little nurser just won’t take a bottle from her Daddy, or when your toddler’s twelfth tantrum of the day just pushed you over the edge. There are times that you pack up and go to the grocery store when you don’t need anything, because you might run into an adult you know, and be able to speak in complete sentences without being interrupted.

I know there are days (like today, in fact) that I want to lock my kids in their room, turn on some loud music, drown myself in ice cream, and have a few minutes that I’m not hearing them bicker over toys, or cry because they’re tired but won’t nap. Do I do that? No. But that doesn’t mean the thought never crossed my mind. I also know that when they’re in middle school, or when they’re teenagers, I’ll have days like that for different reasons. Forgotten homework, squabbles with friends, discipline problems at school, attitude problems and messy bedrooms could all be contenders in the race to make a mama crazy. I’m under no illusion that once all my kids are wearing underwear instead of diapers and going to school till 3:00 pm, my “problems” are over.

But I also know that I love my kids well. They know I love them, that I’m there for them, that I’ll dry their tears, kiss their boo-boos and sing them a song (that I made up, about a car driving by, at the request of my daughter). They are secure in that, even on my bad days, when I just want to plop them in front of the tv, and zone out. Or when we have cereal for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. We survive those days, the kids and I, and I dare say we aren’t any worse off for it. Because hey, being a parent is no joke.

Suggestions for a Monumental Parental Tax Write-Off

Last night, I read a post on Scary Mommy (because hilarious, yes?) about things moms should be able to write off on their taxes. The writer listed wine, goldfish crackers, yoga pants, cable, concealer, coffee, and boxed mac and cheese. While I agree with a few of those (wine and coffee- can I get an amen?!) I’d like to add a few of my own… Especially in honor of today being tax day!

image source: heavy.com

Tissues. Between colds and allergies, my four-person household goes through more tissues than the entire state of Rhode Island. We are drowning in snot or drowning in used tissues; either way, I’d like to get a rebate on those little nose-wipers. 

Netflix. At our place, we don’t pay for cable, but I’d like to see a parent of a toddler who doesn’t invest in Netflix for the momentary glimpse of sanity that is given by Chuggington (Chuggle Trains, according to EK) and Super Why. That’s not even counting the hours I waste spend with the Gilmore Girls. 

Fruit. What snack is easier and less guilt-ridden than fruit? Berries, apples, bananas, pineapple, mangoes, melons… My kids eat it up so quickly I can barely keep it in the house (until I buy it in bulk, and it wastes away or gets frozen. What is this phenomenon?!)

Diapers. Haven’t we overlooked the obvious long enough? That stuff is expensive. And consumable. And flown through at the rate of a hundred a day in my world. Yikes. 

What else do you feel like you should get a rebate on? Is there anything you buy obscene amounts of for your kids?

Reconnecting With Your Spouse

Photo Cred. our amazing wedding photographer Eleise Theuer (http://www.eleisetheuerphotography.com)
Photo Cred. our amazing wedding photographer Eleise Theuer (http://www.eleisetheuerphotography.com)

How is it that Hubby and I can live in the same house, have mostly the same friends, work often from home, raise the same kids, and feel like we haven’t had a real conversation recently?! It seems silly that we could spend a lot of time together, and not feel like it’s quality time. I’ve actually heard, in the past two days, two other couples say that same thing: we haven’t gotten to really talk recently. For Hubby and me, it goes like this: sometimes, by the time we are alone together, it’s 8:30pm, there are dishes to be done, laundry to be folded, and we are bone tired. Other times, it seems that we have so much to talk about that we can’t stay on one thing for very long. We’re trying to talk about life and feelings and opinions, but we end up talking about grocery lists and “don’t forget EK has preschool tomorrow.”

As a wife who needs some connection and conversation from her Hubby (who also craves that connection), I’ve thought of a few things I’d like to try.

First of all, Hubby’s going to be out of town this weekend. That means that the only way to connect is to talk. We can’t snuggle, we can’t do things for each other, we can’t share a meal together. But we can ask some of those questions, or share those feelings over the phone. It’s definitely a different beast to talk on the phone rather than in person (can’t see the body language or facial expressions, can’t get hugs or see smiles – aka the worst) but it’s a start. Sometimes, conversations can be started on the phone and finished later.

Secondly, I’m going to try to keep the “housekeeping” items concise and necessary only. I have realized that I can use up all of Hubby’s energy and patience on what needs to be cleaned, where the kids’ this-and-thats are, and what we are doing for dinner tonight. I can clean it, I can find it, I can make a plan, and require much less of him in that department. I’m not saying he won’t have input about dinner and that he won’t have to clean anything. But I’m saying I’m going to nag less and communicate more intentionally.

Thirdly, I need an attitude adjustment. Sometimes my role as nag (see #2) can drown my role as wife. I neeeeever want that to be the case, but my OCD and planner’s brain take hold of me, and all I can see are to-do lists and calendars. It’s a vice, for sure, to always think this way, especially because I really do love spur-of-the-moment activities. I love when my sisters-in-law call me and invite us to dinner or to a play date on the spot, and I love when Hubby wants to go out for drinks or to hear music in two hours, leaving me scrambling for a last minute babysitter. I am okay with it! But sometimes doing that too often creeps into the “I never know what’s going to happen” realm, and I freak out.

Last one… speaking of going out for drinks or to hear live music, Hubby and I often go on dates with friends or to places where we know we will run into people we know. We have wonderful friends that we love, and we really like going out on dates to places we can’t take our kids. But it has dawned on me that we need a few dates soon that are just the two of us. Luckily, we aren’t one of those couples that those words (just-the-two-of-us) scare us. We love time with just us, we have great conversation, and (at least) I always feel fuller and more complete when we’ve had time to connect and talk by ourselves. So that’s on my radar for the next week or two, also. At least one date. Hubby and me, out together, alone. That’s it.

How do you reconnect with your spouse during a busy season? If you’re a parent of small kids, how do you find time for adult conversation, past grocery lists and holiday plans?