Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday!! I’ve been bouncing back and forth from the mountains to furniture market, so here are the snippets of humor I caught in between!! Enjoy!

J sharing knowledge: Have you ever seen a hamomy fish? It’s the most juiciest, colorfulest, and wettest fish of all time! And it can also change it size! And make apple trees!
Me: *not sure how to respond*

J when he’s mad at me: Well, maybe I don’t even want to snuggle you.

EK to me: You’re funny sometimes. Not a lot, but sometimes.

EK, upon seeing a cement truck printed with Stars and Stripes: its American day?! I didn’t know!

EK: It’s not good if you get colonies in your teeth.
Me: I think you mean cavities.

J’s newest thing is telling stories of when he was a baby. Such as: Did you know that when I was a baby, a tiny bear and a crawled up the back of my head?!?!

Me: Did you have fun with Necie and G-Daddy while I was gone?
EK: Yeah I did, but not too much, because I missed you.
Me: *heart eyes*

EK copying words from a book: I’m practicing my writing.
Me: That’s great! I can tell. Your letters are getting more clear!
EK: Yeah, and I’m building up my stamila.
Me: Your stamina?! Who taught you that word?!
EK: My teacher. (As in “Duh.”)

J, when asked to place napkins on the table:  I do that job at school for lots of different persons!

EK: Sometimes when you wake up, do your lips feel crunchy?

Hubby: Tell mom about your field trip!
EK: So, like… (I can’t hear anything else because I’m wondering how she learned “so like”.)

Well, that’s it for this week! What sillies have you heard from your kids recently?!

Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! Here are the funnies for your perusal and enjoyment!

D’s new thing is holding something on his head and declaring it a hat.
D: I got a grape hat!
J: Praise the Lord! I have a hand hat!

EK: Well the dinosaurs are instinct. (Pronounced with the emphasis on “stinct” like you would when saying “extinct”.)
J: What?!
EK: Yeah, they’re dead. Which is called instinct.
Me: I think you mean EXtinct.

D, covered in noodles: I got da noodle blacelet!

J about his lunch: Not too bad, and not too good.

D was sick for a couple days last week. He also did this, and ruined this batch of muffins…

EK: It’s Friyay!
Me: Did you just say Friyay?
EK: Yeah! And when you say Friyay you gotta raise the roof!

D, holding up a few fingers: How many dis rainbow?

Nate: Have you lost any teeth?
EK: Yeah, two.
Nate: How was it?
EK: Pretty fun. (She basically said “whatever”)

When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween…
J: A pumpkin! A stack of pumpkins!

What are your kids asking to be for Halloween?

Currently – October!

Helloooooooo, October! That quote from Anne of Green Gables that everyone quotes might be feeling a little cliche, but I actually agree: “I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.” I have some fun things I’m looking forward to this month, including Hubby’s birthday (and all the fun that goes with that!), a couple of days in the mountains, a live music event I’m working this weekend, and fall furniture market! Our first two “official” Sundays at the new campus have been great, and I’m looking forward to the first women’s service at the new campus tomorrow! We are praying for a good turnout!

I’m linking up today with Anne in Residence and Dana from Something Good to connect and share our October plans. Join us and tell us what you’re up to currently! 

Styling || boots with everything! Well, I’m hoping to, anyway. Every time it gets cool enough to consider boots, it warms up again. But I do love being able wear them in the evenings, at least. Now if I could only add in my scarves, I’d be a regular basic white girl in the fall… ha! Here are my current favorite boots: the cowboy boots I got in Texas last spring, basic black, low-wedge, suede booties (a Steinmart find two years ago), and these suede, tie booties I posted about last month (thanks, Target!)

Saving || up my time and energy for the important stuff. I’ve been staying up late too often for no good reason, even though I haven’t had a day to sleep late in a while. I’ve taken naps here and there but I just can’t get enough quality hours in a row to kick my poor sleep cycle (especially since the cycle includes not sleeping well when I am asleep). So I’m cutting some things out – even things like tv and reading – so that I can get in bed earlier. I’ve got so many things (meetings, birthday events for the hubs, and school stuff for the kids) to keep up with that I have very little margin for wasting precious rest time. 

Searching || for the perfect long cardigan. I love skinny jeans or leggings and boots, but sometimes I need a long sweater or jacket on top. I have a few pieces that I got last year, but the one that’s hopefully coming in the mail tomorrow might be the winner of this season! This one from last year is still making me happy, though…

Picking || pumpkins! We are going to go by our local favorite pumpkin patch to choose front porch pumpkins and a couple to paint, as well. This particular patch also has local honey, jam, and other yummy things, so we stock up on fall treats galore. Here’s a little throwback to last year at the pumpkin patch…

Making || pumpkin muffins galore! My kids love them, they’re shareable, and I’m making them for several events coming up. It’s still that fabulous recipe from Bren Did, but I’m not tired of it yet! Soooo many yummy and healthy things go in there!

Reading || some new things! I took a reprieve from adulting and read Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl. It was quite good, and I flew through it since it’s a book for probably high-school aged kids. I’m halfway through Garden City now, and reading some Bonhoeffer with my community group also. I don’t have a novel I’m working on at the moment, but I have a few on my Kindle I haven’t started. In addition to all of this (because there has to be more!) I think I’m going to reread the Chronicles of Narnia series. It’s been a decade at least so I’m excited to read them again. 

Well, now it’s your turn! Please tell me what you’re up to currently!

Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We all need a little humor, so here it is! Enjoy!

Hubby: When is Halloween? Do you remember?
EK: No.
Me: The last day of….. October!
EK: Yeah! Foctober! (I guess the “of” ran into the October…)
Hubby and me: *awkward glance*

D, shouting at the table: Take a poop! *looks to see who heard*
Me: *pretending I didn’t hear*
D, dejectedly: Don’t say poop.

J, when I rolled the car windows down because it was 70 degrees: Stop it! You’re making me cold!

J: Did you know there was a giant in that movie I want to watch all the time?! Its legs are like big tree trunks!

Watching a Disney movie and it’s the opening shot of the shooting star over Disneyland…
EK: It’s Disney world!
J: *gasp* My favorite place to go!

EK referring to Siri: Mom, push your serious button!

J’s opening line to our dinner guest: Guess what! I woke up sweaty.

EK: The eclipse is the best part of the whole earth!
Me: You haven’t even seen the whole earth! How can you say that?
EK: Well, I’ve seen all the buildings.
Me: You haven’t seen all the buildings.
J, declaring what’s important: Some of the buildings are ice cream shops!

J after completing a puzzle on his own: Mom! Look! I have a cool and confident surprise for you!

I love it when my kiddos use big words. What are your kids saying these days? Comment and tell me a funny thing you’ve heard recently!