Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

What a busy day we had! And that’s saying something, since we didn’t have to leave the house at all. We opened lots of presents, ate lots of food (mostly breakfast and snacks – our Christmas feast was green beans, macaroni and cheese, and Honeybaked ham!), and just spent lots of time together with our sweet family. Eight people at the house, in addition to our four was a lot, but awesome.

Here are a few pictures to recap the day… I’ll post again later with the nicer photos from Hubby’s camera, and also include J’s first birthday party this afternoon! He’ll be one tomorrow – more celebration! Phew!





We set this maze up so that EK would have to go through it to get to the rest… brilliant. It’s about 6:45am in this photo, so my photography skills (and the lighting) are only so-so. The sun wasn’t even up.


Grocery shopping for the win. Sorry about my foot.


EK’s old magna-doodle was a favorite toy, and it’s been broken for a few months. The replacement was a happy discovery.


Sweet snuggles with the little guy who LOVES the maze.


One of the only pictures with both kiddos… basking in the sunlight!
Artsy selfie enjoying the sunshine and my new mug!


Somehow Hubby fit in the maze.
The diva in her element.
My mom reminiscing about paper dolls, while EK plays with her new magnet dolls.
Snuggly selfie with Holly and Finley!

More pictures from Hubby’s camera later… and also, J’s birthday party was a blast! Will post about it tomorrow! How was your Christmas?!



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