Weekend Styling

I don’t often post about style. I’m not the most stylish person I know, nor do I know all that much about it. However, I like to look nice, I like to be fairly fashionable (not too out of style) and I’m a big fan of accessories.

So today, when I realized my belly was getting a little big for half my shirts, knowing that my maternity clothes are packed somewhere in the storage unit (to which Hubby conveniently misplaced the key) I knew I needed to buy a couple of shirts to get me through to the end of next month when we will have unpacked the unit. AND Stella & Dot was having a sale, so naturally I logged myself into my stylist account to see what I could find!

Here’s what I ended up with:

Two maternity shirts from Target, both Liz Lange. One grey hoodie (comfy, versatile) and one black and white striped short sleeve top (versatile, will go through to warmer weather). I’m wearing the hoodie right now and it’s nice and long – easily worn with leggings – without being so bulky that I feel like I’m wearing a moo-moo.

I also got a new S&D necklace – the Fortuna Stone Pendant. It’s a double-stranded beauty, comes in gold and silver (I got the gold) and I’m SUPER excited for it to arrive. I ordered it yesterday and I received the shipping email last night! I love their super-fast and always cheap ($5.95 no matter what) shipping! I also got a new wallet. I LOVE the shape and size of their Chelsea Tech Wallet. It’s usable as a clutch or a wristlet, fits my iPhone, or tosses in every purse I own just fine. The one I’ve had for two years I haven’t given a single day off, and I’m just now starting to notice a few rubbed places. It was a  great excuse to get the new hot pink perforated one – the cut-out design line is adorable!

Pink Chelsea Tech Wallet - $69 retail
Pink Chelsea Tech Wallet – $69 retail
Fortuna Pendant, Gold - $79 retail
Fortuna Pendant, Gold – $79 retail

As far as the Stella & Dot goes, I’d love to help you find the perfect accessory, or be your Stylist! If you want to browse online, just make sure you choose me as your stylist (it’ll ask you when you check out) OR go straight to my website first! I’ve really enjoyed wearing their pieces, selling them to friends, and making a few extra dollars with it. If you see a lot that you like, talk to me about doing an online trunk show, and we will set it up!

Anyway, that’s all I will say in self-promotion and I’m done with my fun style pieces for this weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and a safe one, if there’s still some snow where you are!

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