Things Toddlers Say – Backseat Driver Edition

This may become a normal series of posts, now that my kids are speaking more and better (sort of). They say the darnedest things, right?

EK has this new thing she’s doing while we’re in the car. Her seat is on the driver’s side of the car, and so she sees mostly oncoming traffic. She keeps saying, “Mommy! Don’t hit that car! Don’t hit that trash can! Don’t hit that tree! Don’t hit that house!” half the time we’re moving. It’s about to get real, because when she shouts, “Mommy!” it startles me enough to make me want to turn around, or look frantically around to see what’s happening. She’s also about to turn into the girl who cried wolf, because now when she’s like, “There’s a ________!” I won’t believe her. I basically told her to stop shouting in the car because it made me nervous. 

Has anyone else dealt with this with their toddlers?

12 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say – Backseat Driver Edition”

  1. My step-son who is 15 and does not have even a drivers permit yet loves to tell me how to drive. We came to a stop light and I was going straight and the car stopped across from us was turning left. When the light turned green and the car went before me I was like what the what it’s my turn. Of course I got an eye roll and Logan said they have the right of way Autumn. Blurg. I argued with him until we got home. Husband told him I was right when we got home. I told Logan he needs to be a licensed driver before he starts bossing me around 😉 So in my case the car riding got worse because he has been critiquing my driving for years now. Hopefully you nipped it 🙂


  2. Mine still sits in the middle, so he can see everything we go towards, and there was a car backing out of the driveway in our neighborhood and he was like “CAREFUL!! Don’t hit the car!!” Like really Jason…really..


  3. I’ve had 4 toddlers, and I’ve never had this problem! Hilarious! But I feel bad for you–talk about making someone a nervous wreck. Sounds like she is a true original. 🙂 My 3 year old congratulates me on all of my correct turns, so obviously, I have a problem with getting lost. If he’d be quiet, I’d be able to concentrate on my driving.


  4. Vance likes likes to point out every speed limit sign then asks how fast I’m going 😐 and now he is starting to recognize street signs and will totally call me out for EVERYTHING.


  5. My daughter is only 10 months old so she isn’t talking and she is still rear facing, but I know she watches out the window when we are driving. She already is such a spit fire, I know she will do the same thing when she is older. It think it is so funny your daughter does this, I know in the car though you don’t think it’s very funny!! I can’t wait to here the funny things my Bug says, and I love hearing what other toddlers say! I think you should make this a regular feature on your blog!


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