Going Down!

Our stairs are in, folks. That’s right. Are they usable? Not really. But they’re in. That means we are seriously close. It also means I better find that baby gate, stat. 

 Soon, these babies will be stained to match our hardwoods (upstairs AND down), the runner on the side will be painted all dark “espresso” brown (like our accent trim upstairs) and the banister will be on. Right now it’s still boarded up at the top to prevent my crazies from falling down, and Hubby and I are at a loss as to what wide, sturdy, not totally ugly baby gate to get. The man making the banister can make us a matching swing gate, but that is pretty darn permanent. I don’t know whether permanent is good or bad. There are pros and cons to it for sure… but we just haven’t decided yet.

This basement’s aliiiiiive… with the sound of muuuuuusic…
Someone’s never had carpet in her bedroom before…

We also got our new fridge delivered today! Our mudroom is almost complete! If Hobby Lobby wasn’t such a traffic jam of rude people, I’d go get the rest of those cabinet pulls, and it would be finished! However, I’m not brave enough to go to our brand new HL with both kids, no additional adult, and no cart return anywhere near my car. Yeah, I said it. I hate busy parking lots with kids. (Mom problems, for real.) Anyway, back to the fridge, I went to Costco today just to a get a few things to put inside it – so it wouldn’t be sitting there empty. I ended up with yogurt and cheese. Dairy much? 
Also, a few adorable and hilarious pictures of EK for your pleasure! She loves the new space!!

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