Sunday is coming. 

This weekend, in addition to the obvious choice of being at an Easter Sunday church service, I was also a part of a good Friday service. Y’all, this is my favorite service of the liturgical year. 

As the pastor pointed out while we were chatting after the service, it’s all about doing Good Friday with correct theology. It’s not all about me and woe is me and my burdens that I’m bringing to the table. It’s about Jesus, his suffering and sacrifice, and his enduring the wrath of the Father instead of me. But it’s also about Sunday – the glorious day of His rising up from the grave and becoming not only whole, but holy all over again. His reuniting with us and with the Father, and that in this act, he has forever united the Father with us. 

What better news could we have than this? What better reason for me to rise with the sun tomorrow, and worship the One who made my life shame-free? Jesus is risen! The veil is torn! He has made a way, a perfect way, a way for me and for the world!

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