Things Toddlers Say (aka Family Talk)

Every Tuesday, I like to give you a small glimpse into the linguistic wonders of my family life. I have a hilarious husband, and two wonderful but sometimes misspoken children. I know you will enjoy hearing things I hear daily as much as I do.  

Me, in reference to my belly moving: I don’t think I remember the baby moving this much this early with my other two.
Hubby (deadpan): Maybe we will finally have one with some personality.

EK’s breakfast of choice one morning this week: A brownie from her aunt Lala, blueberries, and sausage. (Weirdo.)

7:15 am, EK, shoving a princess dress in my face (rude awakening, am I right?): Help me! Mom! Help me! Now! (As if her very life depends on getting into that dress right this second.)

Hubby, preparing for his gig, singing T-Pain’s “Buy You a Drank”: Baby girl, what’s your name?
EK: My name’s Ella Kate! (Then proceeds to sing the song the rest of the night.)

My friend Lauren, at our house for dinner: Can you lean out the window and tell Uncle Drew it’s time to go home?
EK, leaning out the window to the porch: Uncley Drew! Time to go hoooooome!

Me: What do you want for lunch?
EK: A soomie. (Smoothie)

Hope you enjoyed today’s little funny sayings. What does your toddler say that’s hilarious?!

One thought on “Things Toddlers Say (aka Family Talk)”

  1. My daughter is a late bloomer in the speech world, and all the sudden she seems to be picking up on words pretty well. Atleast the important ones, you know like “relli” (Cinderlla) ,”Castle”, “Good Boy”, “Hush” (this one comes in particularly handy when asking her if she is ready for bed time), and so on. The only full sentences she says normally start with “I want…” All the words she has been saying make sense, and come out pretty clear…but the one that makes my husband and I bang our heads against the table is how she says Thank You. “Hey Little A, Say thank you.” If you are woman she says “Ma-mommy” if you are a man she says “Da-daddy”. We practice with her “Th th thank you” “Ma-mommy”. Oh well she will come around eventually.


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