Suggestions for a Monumental Parental Tax Write-Off

Last night, I read a post on Scary Mommy (because hilarious, yes?) about things moms should be able to write off on their taxes. The writer listed wine, goldfish crackers, yoga pants, cable, concealer, coffee, and boxed mac and cheese. While I agree with a few of those (wine and coffee- can I get an amen?!) I’d like to add a few of my own… Especially in honor of today being tax day!

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Tissues. Between colds and allergies, my four-person household goes through more tissues than the entire state of Rhode Island. We are drowning in snot or drowning in used tissues; either way, I’d like to get a rebate on those little nose-wipers. 

Netflix. At our place, we don’t pay for cable, but I’d like to see a parent of a toddler who doesn’t invest in Netflix for the momentary glimpse of sanity that is given by Chuggington (Chuggle Trains, according to EK) and Super Why. That’s not even counting the hours I waste spend with the Gilmore Girls. 

Fruit. What snack is easier and less guilt-ridden than fruit? Berries, apples, bananas, pineapple, mangoes, melons… My kids eat it up so quickly I can barely keep it in the house (until I buy it in bulk, and it wastes away or gets frozen. What is this phenomenon?!)

Diapers. Haven’t we overlooked the obvious long enough? That stuff is expensive. And consumable. And flown through at the rate of a hundred a day in my world. Yikes. 

What else do you feel like you should get a rebate on? Is there anything you buy obscene amounts of for your kids?

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