Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! Sorry for being afternoon by the time I got this post out. It’s been a busy couple of days! This week there was a lot of Hubby being funny, so enjoy!

Hubby: This one (pointing to something on his plate) is my favorite.
EK: (pointing to the same thing) yeah, this one’s my favorite, too.
Hubby: I’m a big do-do.
EK: yeah, I’m a big do-do, too.
Hubby: it’s the little things.

EK, holding a (kids’) fork and knife: I gotta cut your hair!
*J, holds very still*
EK: okay, all done!
Me: thank God that wasn’t gonna cut it anyway.

Writing lesson:
EK, as she’s writing: M-O-P-O-M. Mommy!
Me: I can totally see it!
Writing: Thumbs up. Spelling: Needs improvement.

Hubby, holding J: This is his fifth poop today! It’s like he sat on a thousand tootsie rolls. Except it smells like Mordor.

Hope you enjoyed a little laugh today! What have your kiddos been saying this week?

2 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. Mine is having an issue with listening when being told to do something. So often times, I have to, more loudly, repeat myself. To which he responds with ‘mommy, you’re yelling’, as calmly as he can.


    1. Yeah… We have some listening problems, too. She’s definitely testing the waters as far as telling the truth, and being obedient. Trying to see how much we’ll let her get away with. NOT cool!


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