Things Toddlers Say

Happy Toddlers Tuesday! I bet y’all thought I forgot! I just had a busy day, so it’s going up as an evening edition.

This week, J makes an appearance, and we’ve got a Hubby funny as well. I hope y’all are having a great week so far! Enjoy! 

Me: Look at your tulips! Remember how I said they’d open up after a few days?
EK: Aww! They’re really cute!

EK, unprovoked: Can I watch you get a baby in your tummy?
Me: *ridiculous laughter*

Me: Say you’re sorry to your brother.
EK: (Completely and actually innocently) Sorry Do-Do. (Instead of Joe Joe like she often calls him.)

Potty training advice:
EK: Don’t poop in your big boy panties, Daddy.

Home improvements while kids are napping:
Me: Well, let’s just go to Lowe’s. Let’s just wake up the kids and go! (Sarcastically of course.)
Hubby, deadpan: Yeah, whether they nap or not has never made a difference to my day.

Teaching J our friends’ names:
Me: Chris…. Andrea. (x1000)
J: Isssssss! AnDEEugh! (time #1000)
Me: great job! Say bye bye to them!
J: Bye bye, mama!
(Repeat the above about 5 times.)

Personal grooming:
EK: Mom, can I have a cair-hut?
(Apparently she missed the word haircut.)

Me: EK, could you please put your plate in the sink?
EK: No.
Me: Come on, I asked really nicely.
EK, with dramatic teen-like eye roll: Uuuggghhhh okayyyyyyy! *slams plate in the sink*
Me: Thank you?

Well, those are all my funnies from this week. What are your kids saying?

2 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. I told Jason it was time for bed and he looked at me with a serious look and said ‘mommy, you need to go to time out’.
    Before that, I had snuck my nachos in the house since my husband was already in bed. Thought I was home free until my child saw them and screamed ‘ Look mommy!! Taco bell!!!’ Yeah, busted.

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