Things Toddlers Say

Good morning! Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday so far! Here are some funnies from our family over the past week… enjoy! 

 Any time I forget anything:
EK: Mom! You too-got!

Me: Let’s talk about what you want for lunch, guys.
J, runs to get a squeeze pouch of he-doesn’t-even-care-what, and hands it to me. When I don’t immediately open it, he starts fussing and slapping his legs (the “I’m annoyed” sign).
Hubby: Oh, he hasn’t had anything to eat since his after-breakfast-after-snack snack, so he needs his pre-lunch snack before he has lunch and then a snack before his nap bottle. Then he’ll go two entire hours without eating and be ravenously hungry when he wakes up, so that he can eat straight till dinner.
Me: Basically.

When we were visiting my parents, we happened to be on a playground near a train track, and actually saw a train go by. Ever since then…
EK (every five minutes): Can we go see choo-choo train?
My response: We can’t really plan on being right where one is. It’s just a happy accident when we see one.
Hubby’s response: No.

J (trying to open a door): Hup! Hup!
Me (five minutes later): Oh! You’re asking for help!

EK: Birdie! Stop eating our blueberries! NOW!
Me: I guess somebody’s gotta be the scarecrow.

EK (in the car): I’m hot.
Me: Okay, here’s some air (I adjust the front seat vent).
EK (holding her hands out, with a relieved look): Ahhhh….

And here are a few contributions from my mom, while we were in the mountains…

EK, with her doctor kit: Mecie (what she calls my mom) I want to hear your heart beep!
(Proceeds to listen, then take blood pressure, and hand my mom some “ice cream”.)
EK: I’m gonna be a doctor-man!

EK: Can we play with the choo-choo trains?
Here’s a picture of what she was talking about: 

 Hope you enjoyed the humor from our week! What are your kiddos saying that’s cracking you up?

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