Things Toddlers Say

Another week of hilarity at our house! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’ve got another one talking as much as EK… I might have to post twice a week! Anyway, here are some favorites from the past few days. Enjoy! 

 EK: I think Daddy’s home!
Me: Not yet. He’s still at work.
EK: Aww. I miss him more much.

EK: Mommy! I love my new hoopy hoop! (hula hoop, obviously)
She keeps asking me to hoopy-hoop with her, but I bought the smallest one I could find (I mean, she’s tiny.) so I literally cannot hoopy-hoop in it. I’m usually pretty good at it, but the thing barely fits on me. I should’ve bought myself a bigger one “for teaching purposes”.

EK: Can we watch Strawberry Cupcake, Mom?
Me: It’s Shortcake, but who’s counting?

While coloring together…
EK: I like your picture!
Me: Thanks!
EK: Let’s trade pictures, Mom.
Me: Why? So you can say that you colored mine?
EK: Yeah.

This one has a little story. I’m not sure when/why it started, but we’ve always sung that silly clean up song from Barney when teaching the kids the clean up their toys. You know the one: “Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere! Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, do your share!”
Well EK sings this: “Clean up! Clean up! Anybody, do your share!” Repeatedly. Like, DO YOUR SHARE ALREADY!

As I’m laying on the couch watching a movie with the kids, J pops his head over my shoulder and says, “Haaayyyyyy!!” with an enormous, cheesy grin. Melting. My. Heart.

Well, that’s about it from this week. What are YOUR kids saying? I really want to know!

12 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. Harper has a new trick where she says “I poop; check it” and then when we check her diaper she has not gone to the bathroom. Then she laughs and laughs because she tricked us.

    I’m raising a teenage boy apparently!

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    1. Yeah, EK has been telling us whatever the opposite of what’s happened is. If she’s dry, she says she peed. If she pooped, she says she didn’t. It’s really difficult to actually know whether she’s going or not, now that she just goes on the potty by herself half the time. A little maddening haha


  2. I was in Jason’s pool with him and leaned my head back and closed my eyes and I hear “Mommy!! No nap in the pool! It’s dangerous!!”


  3. My youngest who is almost 3 keeps on singing “I love you and nobody else!” And her constant shock in her exclamation of “what the!”

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  4. My older sister (Ashley) is still in the process of trying to get her daughter (Lucy) to actually poop in the potty. This has been going on forever. She started out great and then one day just decided that she didn’t want to poop in the potty anymore. Well, Ashley gets upset, obviously, when Lucy decides to go poop in her pants instead of the potty and my younger sister’s daughter (Harper) has witnessed Ashley getting upset at this. So now whenever Harper poops in the potty she says “Ashley would be so proud of me” or ” I did it for Ashley”

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