35 Week Bumpdate!

 Well folks, it’s getting close. At 5 weeks out, I’m feeling about as pregnant as I’ve ever felt. That’s saying something, as a woman who has actually experienced being 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Sheesh. Anyway, here is a little update about how I’m doing… I got this little list of things to talk about off of several other blogs I read, so I didn’t come up with them myself.

How far along: 35 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: Now, I normally wouldn’t say this because I don’t put a lot of stock in weight by any standards, but because I’m so far along, I will. I’ve gained around 18lbs right now.

Maternity clothes: Is this a question? Because duh. Obviously I’m wearing maternity clothes. The only things I can wear that isn’t maternity belong to Hubby.

Stretch marks: Thankfully none that I can tell. I haven’t had them with any of mine. *knocks on wood*

Sleep: Between 7 and 8 hours most nights, but broken. I’m waking up either to pee, or relieve leg cramps, or both.

Best moment of this week: Probably pool time with J with friends while EK was at camp! He’s doing so well and being in the water was SO MUCH BETTER than dealing with the heat! Not to mention being weightless was nice.

Miss anything? My body. I’m ready to be closer to my normal size! I love being pregnant – truly, I do! – but I miss not having the bulge.

Movement: All day long! Most of the time I love it, but he is big enough now that I am often uncomfortable or the movement actually hurts sometimes.

Food cravings: I haven’t had too many cravings recently, really. Right now, I can’t eat very much at one time, so it’s a lot of snacking.

Anything making you queasy/sick: Not really. Although I’m not a great pill swallower, so sometimes that makes me a little queasy (I’m looking at you, disgusting iron supplements.)

Showing yet? See “Maternity clothes”.

Gender: Boy!! 💙

Labor signs: Not yet, but I’m having some Braxton Hicks here and there.

Belly button in or out: Out. It’s been out for a while…

Wedding rings on or off: On! Still glad about that.

Happy or moody most of the time? To be completely honest, moody. Sorry, folks.

Looking forward to: Meeting this baby! Hopefully around 38 weeks… Because I’m so tired and uncomfortable!

Exercise: Ha! Ahem, I mean, I go to prenatal yoga once a week, and I chase my toddlers all day. Oh! Oh! And I’ve been gardening (read: shoveling dirt).

Additional symptoms: My feet are starting to swell, and I’m only comfortable when laying on my side. Yikes.

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