Things Toddlers Say 

Hellooooooo, Tuesday! The days are going slowly as I’m surviving the next few weeks. Good thing I have hilarious children (and a hilarious Hubby) to keep me entertained! Here are our recent funnies…

In the picture above, J was pushing the light back and forth, saying, “Wheeeee! Wheeeee!” (Boy mom, am I right?)

In response to being woken up by the tile workers…
EK: Those mans woke up me!

There is a really neat pop-up book that both my kids love called “The Little Fish Who Cried Shark”. It’s basically like it sounds… there’s a prank-playing fish named Sprat who scares everyone else by shouting, “SHARK!” when there really isn’t one nearby, and of course he gets scared by a shark at the end of the book. Anyway, Sprat, when being approached by the shark, says, “There’s no shark around here!” EK has taken to saying, “I’m scared! There’s a shark around here!” As if we really think there’s a shark in our house.

Every time I put sunscreen on EK, she starts talking about birds… Birds eating our blueberries, birds scaring her (one got in the kitchen one day and she’s never gotten over it), birds, birds, birds. I finally figured it out this morning. Hubby said, as he greased her up, “Yeah, we have to put on sunscreen so you don’t get a sunburn.” That started all the talk about birds. LIGHT BULB: She thinks we’re saying sun bird and she’s going off on a bird tangent. Random.

EK, upon finding a picture from our wedding: What’s this, mama?
Me: That’s a picture from Daddy’s and my wedding, where we got married!
Later, when I was kissing Hubby, in slight resemblance to the wedding photo…
EK: Are you guys getting married?!
Hubby: Yep!
EK: Awww! I’m gonna go marry my brother!
Hubby and me: *maniacal laughter*

Nature Lesson
EK, while eating a banana: Monkeys eat bananas!
Me: Yes, they do!
EK: Birds eat blueberries. Our blueberries. Ugh!
Me: …..

J, trying to say “cheese” because he wants another piece: Beeyas! Beeyas! (Think someone from Brooklyn saying “beers”.) Beeyas! Beeyas! (I was dying.)

EK, when a thunderstorm was starting: Mom! I hear bumber!

EK: Mom, can you make the horsey neigh? (Our neighbors have horses. Usually my answer to this is no, I can’t force them to neigh.)
Me: Hey! Horse! Neeeiiiiigh!!!!!
J (shouting in the same direction): Neigh! Neigh! Hey! Neigh! Hey! Neigh! Neigh! Neigh!
Hubby and I exchange looks of… trying not to laugh.

This ball of string was found by EK in the basement.  She wound and unwound it all evening the other day, and insisted on sleeping with it. She also insisted on sleeping in a tutu. You can imagine what she/it looked like ten minutes before I took this picture. I only wish I had gotten my camera out earlier. She was yelling from the basement, “I’m stuck!”  

 The string saga continues… I just keep finding it randomly placed throughout the house in various stages of tangled.

After seeing that J took a ballpoint pen to our leather sofa…
Hubby: This might just be what we get for having kids. We can’t have nice things. Joseph is our nice thing and he ruins all our other nice things.

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