Things Toddlers Say

Talking with one of our tile workers…
Worker: I’m Kelly! What’s your name?
EK: Ella Kate. I’m three. At my next birthday I’ll be one different, though.

We’ve been rewatching the Harry Potter movies (they just came out of storage!) and the kids have been there for part of it. When the Weasleys and Harry travel using floo powder, every time the green fire happened, J would say, “Oh no!” with his eyes glued to the screen. Pretty cute.

After her nap…
EK: My hair looks crazy! I gotta go take a shower!

EK woke up in the middle of the night (She told me she had to poop. No such poop happened.) and Hubby was still at work. This was the conversation about it the next morning…
EK: Did you have a good nap?
Me: You mean after I went back to bed? I sure did.
EK: Did you snuggle daddy when he got home?
Me: I did.
EK: Aww! That was very sweet of you!

Hubby and I, discussing where to park at church…
Me: Just park in the circle.
EK: Circle? I love circles!

J, Facetiming my mom on her birthday…
EK: Joseph, can I have the phone?
J: No.
EK: Mooooom! Joseph said noooooo! (Whining big time)
Me: I heard, babe. He’ll be done in a minute.
J hands EK the phone.
EK: Necie! Joseph said noooooo! (Still whining)
This basically just shows how accustomed she is to J doing what she wants. Sweet boy just does what she says about 90% of the time, and he’s just this week started saying “no”.  She is in for it.

Things EK calls a seat belt:
Top buckle
Seat buckle
Big buckle
Belt buckle
Safe buckle
I’m thinking all are appropriate names for it.

What is your toddler saying? Leave it in the comments!

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