Things Toddlers Say


In a crowded, public restroom…
EK: Watch this, mom! I’m gon’ take a poop! (a minute later) Phew! That was a lot!

EK: Can I have a tiola to make a roll up? (She was asking for a tortilla.)

J, upon waking from his nap: Anna! Elsa! Olaf!
Hubby: Loud and clear, little dude. (Turns on Frozen.)

EK (apparently obsessed with poop this week): All dooooone!
Hubby goes to help check.
EK: There’s a LOT in there. I want some jelly beans!
A minute later, coming out of the bathroom…
EK: Mom! Davis is SO PROUD! (Davis is the baby we’re expecting any day.)
Me: Yes, babe, I’m sure he is!

Laying down for her nap…
EK: Daddy, get out of here!
Hubby: I thought I was your snuggle bunny!
EK: No, you’re just a daddy.

J’s new favorite word: No. It’s said totally politely, but it’s the answer to every single question anyone asks him. Great.

After Hubby accidentally dropped a French fry between the car seats…
EK: Nice one. (Always delivering the zingers.)
A few minutes later, same fries…
Hubby: EK do you like those?
EK: Mmhmm. These are my favorite fries I ever saw!

And the piece de la resistance… the moment every parent waits for…
EK: Daddy! Will you get married with me?

Heart. Melted.

What’s your toddler saying these days? And what am I going to call this post now that EK is a preschooler and definitely not a toddler? “Things Kids Say” doesn’t have the same ring to it… Suggestions welcome!

3 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. My stepson is a really picky eater, but he has a lot of food allergies so his food options are pretty slim. When he’s mad because, once again, he’s discovered he doesn’t have many food options, he says : “I no like food. Me want cookies. Get me cookies now.”

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