I Never Dreamed Big… and that’s okay. (On Mom Babble)

Happy Saturday, everyone! This morning I’m on Mom Babble, writing about something really close to my heart. I’ve really opened up and poured out, so please go over and read it!   Here’s a little bit to get you hooked…

I have a confession to make: I’ve never had a clear vision for my life. 

I never had some huge goal I really wanted to accomplish. I didn’t have a career path I had wanted since childhood. I haven’t had a huge dream that was waiting out there for me to come catch it. I’m picturing a Broadway musical here… the swell of the orchestra, the anticipation of the audience, the main character (who we already love) bursting into song as she sets out to find her place in the world.

I just don’t feel like I’ve ever had that moment. I’ve had wonderful experiences, adventures, and moments that were huge for me. I’ve taken big steps in the direction of my future. But I’ve never had this one perfect thing that I’ve had years of building up and getting around to…
Read the rest on Mom Babble! 

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