Things Toddlers Say 

Helloooooo, Tuesday! I wouldn’t want any of y’all to think that since we’ve got a new baby in the house, the big kids aren’t as funny! So naturally, I’ve been making an extra effort to jot down the sillies… so here they are!

Grey’s Anatomy…
EK, pointing at D’s cord that hasn’t quite fallen off: What’s that?
Hubby: That’s going to be his belly button. This little part is gonna fall off.
EK: Yeah, it got broke.

EK went swimming with her grandmother Annie one afternoon, and got a bath afterwards before she came home. When bath time came about that night, she totally undressed and started climbing in the tub…
Me: Didn’t you already get a bath after the pool?
EK: Yeah.
Me: So why do you need another one?
EK, brushing the hair out of her face: I got really sweaty…
(There was only about two hours between the bath and the second bath, in which she ate dinner and put together a puzzle. Nothing sweaty about it.)

J, upon receiving a Jellycat (if you don’t know them, look them up!) frog from my aunt: Hop! Hop! Hop! (Hops around the kitchen)
Jan (my aunt): Can you say “ribbit”?
J: Hop!
Jan: Ribbit!
J: Hop! Hop!
Me: I guess all he cares about is the movement frogs do?

So he didn’t say anything, but J gave Elsa at least 3 high fives while I was watching. Can’t leave a girl hanging.

EK: I had a great day at camp today!
Necie: That’s great!
EK: Tomorrow, I have another great day!
Necie: Wonderful, EK!
EK: Tomorrow, I gon’ paint a seashell for Joe Joe. And one for Davis, and Mommy and Daddy and Jan and Nana and Abby!
Necie: You’re gonna be busy!

Hydration is important…
EK: Oh! Mom! My wattle bottle!

Singing to my kids…
Me: Joseph, Joseph, here he comes! Joseph, Joseph, cute as… Plums..?
Hubby: Yeah! Plums! Good job babe!
Me: Should’ve abandoned that rhyme.

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