Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! We might be a little sleep-deprived, but we are adjusting nicely! Lots of sweet friends bringing us meals, and lots of snuggles in front of the TV right now. Real life, y’all.

Me: Did you have fun last night?
EK: (head nod)
Me: Did you sleep late this morning?
EK: No, I got out of bed in Necie’s room and I snuggled her.
Necie: At a quarter to 6…

EK: Mom, when you get bigger like Daddy, you can reach the tomatoes. (Our lattice goes high enough that I can’t really reach the tomatoes at the top of the vines.)
Me: I don’t think I’m going to get any bigger, babe. I’ve done all my growing.
EK: Oh. Maybe we can get a ladder for you.

My dad, visiting for the weekend, said this to EK: I just want to take you back to Georgia with me forever!
EK: Weeeellllll… You can’t. I’m so sorry.
(It was delivered very politely.)

J: Kwick! Kwick! (That’s him turning on and off all the light switches in the house.)

EK, to everyone ever: Look! Look at my new brother! Hey! You! LOOK AT MY NEW BROTHER!
Everyone: …okay. I see him. He’s cute..?

EK: I’m so pretty! (Those are stickers.)

EK: Ring around the rosie! Pocket full of posies! Ashes, ashes, all fall down!
What the uneducated listener hears: Ring around the rosie! Pocket fulla posies! Ah sh*t, ah sh*t! All fall down!

Genealogy lesson:
Hubby: EK, who are my brothers?
EK: Wesley, Hartley, G-Daddy…
Me: Yikes! (G-Daddy is my dad.)
Hubby: And who is my mommy?
EK: Hmm, let’s see… Annie must be!
Totally correct answer. Still glad my hubby isn’t my uncle.

This morning, D ended up sleeping till after the bigs got up (you know, after he was up at 6:30), so we were having breakfast when we heard him cry.
EK: Mom! You gotta get Davis! He said, “I’m hungry! Come get me out of bed!”
She’s a good interpreter.

What are your kiddos saying these days?

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