Things Toddlers Say

How is Tuesday again already?! We’re starting school on Thursday, and I can’t believe it. The last bit of our summer is dwindling away. I’m ready 🙂

Here are your Tuesday favorites!

When choosing what to watch…
EK: The train one!
J: Choo choooooo!
EK: Wait… Po-kee-hah-nah! (Pocahontas)

This week, EK has been calling me “Mother” instead of “Mom” or “Mommy” or “Mama”. It’s an interesting switch. More sophisticated.

J was calling for me as he was coming up the stairs, and it quickly turned into a cry. When I went to check, he was standing on his own foot and couldn’t move. I had to laugh before I helped him!

At 10:40pm, I hear EK in the basement, NOT in bed…
Me: Where should you be right now?
EK: In the bed!
Me: So why aren’t you there?
EK: I so tired. And I fweezing!
Me: If you’re tired and cold, you would be much more comfortable in the bed…

In our house, we have lots of toy phones, and therefore we have lots of pretend conversations…
J, holding the “phone” to my ear: Hello?!
Me: Hello, Pizza Hut? I need seventeen pepperoni pizzas, please. Okay, bye!
J, holding the “phone” to EK’s ear: Hello?!
EK: Hi! I need seven strawberry and cheese pizzas. Bye!
Me: Very interesting choice…

Preposition Problems…
EK: I wanna sit next of you, Mom!
Me: I would love for you to sit next TO me.

Anatomy lesson…
EK: I hurt my ankle!
Hubby: Where is your ankle?
EK points to her ankle.
Hubby: Where is your heel?
EK points to her heel.
Hubby: Do you know where the ball of your foot is?
EK (amazingly) points to the ball of her foot.
Hubby: Where’s your shin?
EK points to her chin.
Hubby: where is your thigh?
EK points to her eye.
Hubby: Okay – all done.

My friend Sophie walks in…
EK: My panties match your shirt!

Eating Chinese food…
EK: Can I have another duckling?
Me: Dumpling. She means dumpling.

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