Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I hope you had a great weekend and a good Monday! That’s all you can ask for on a Monday, right? Just good. It won’t be great, because it’s Monday.

The weather here in NC is amazing, and I’m drinking copious amounts of coffee in my enjoyment of the morning chill. Here are a few funny things to read while you enjoy the chill near you!!

Reasons my preschooler is crying:
Her bite of cookie wasn’t big enough.
She couldn’t get her underwear right side out.
She wanted to wear tights with her shirt instead of pants.
There was too much toilet paper in the toilet. (She put it there.)

Reasons my toddler is crying:
His (20 minute) shower was too short.
He had to wear a diaper.
He threw his dinner in the floor.
We went out without putting shoes on him.
He wanted to eat an apple, and I said, “Okay, I’ll go cut it up.”

EK to Hubby: Daddy! You’re getting so big! (I’m pretty sure she meant this as a compliment, like when we say it to her or her brothers.)

Heard on the monitor at 4:00am…
J: Wahhhh! I want Mommy, Daddy, Annie, Gon Gon! Wahhhh…. (And then the sound trailed off and he was back asleep.)

New verse to “Wheels on the Bus”
EK: The man on the bus says, “I need to poopy. I need to poopy. I need to poopy.” The man on the bus says, “I need to poopy.” all day long. (Just like a man.)

EK: I’ve got a bug bite.
Hubby: I’ve got one, too.
EK: Aww! Can I scratch it for you?

A sign that we are too big HP nerds…
Me: …and after this we can go to the grocery store. We can just walk down to Harris Teeter.
(A couple minutes later) EK: Necie, will you walk with me to Harry Potter?

Watching the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…
EK: That man has a frog in his throat. (Talking about Dumbledore.)

EK: Can I have some checkup and French fries? (Obviously she meant ketchup.)

I signed up to donate some Lysol spray to EK’s preschool classroom, and sent it to school with her yesterday. When she was getting out of the car, I said, “Don’t forget to give that to your teacher!” And then she told the teacher (not hers) that was helping her out of the car, “Yeah, this is for when I tee-tee on the couch!”

Well, those are my little funny things from the week! What are your kiddos saying?

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