Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! We had a very busy and fun weekend followed closely by a busy Monday, so I’m feeling good about this post actually happening before noon!! I feel like there are so many more hilarious things that happened – I gotta get better at writing them down right away! Anyway, here’s what I’ve got!

 J, riding on a friend’s John Deere toy, in a very country accent: Hey, mama! How you?!

EK: Halloleen is coming up! Halloleen is coming up!
(She’s obsessed.)

Picking the kids up from preschool…
EK: That church was soooo fun!
Hubby: What was so fun?
EK: Playdoh! Do we have Playdoh at home?
Hubby: Nope.
(Mommy really doesn’t like Playdoh. That’s why it’s so much fun at school.)

Me, to a friend: I like your pants!
EK: Your pants have polka dots on them!
Me: That was almost a compliment.

Leaving for school…
EK: Bye bye, Dad!
J: Bye dad!
EK: I love you!
J: Wuv woo!
EK: See you after school!
J: See school!

Second recent obsession: Cindereller. And yes, that’s how she says it.

The train obsession continues with J…
J: I wan’ ride choo-choo train!
Me: That was a great sentence!

J and I were wrestling on the floor, and he hit his head (lightly, okay!) on the bed…
J: Ouch! I bonk head! I okay.

EK told her nursery caretaker at church on Sunday that she was “pumping”. Apparently she pulled her dress down to show her how. Yikes.

J: Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle dah! Hah bah bah bah bah bah dah! (Perfectly on pitch, by the way.)

EK: Night mom. See you when the sun comes up. (This is my favorite way she says goodnight.)

On EK’s birthday this last April, my friend Emily came for the weekend, and attended the birthday party in a gown, with gloves and a tiara (it was a princess party of course). EK has been talking about the princess who came to her birthday party and “put on her makeup in my bathroom” ever since. Emily visited with us again this past weekend, and EK was confused and then thrilled to find that Emily was the very same princess. It made for some colorful conversations that I wish I had recorded! Suffice it to say that we had a great weekend!

Another bedtime saying…
EK: Can you leave my door open a little bit?
Me: Sure, babe. Good night!
EK: Hey, like this much? (Shows me with her hands.)
Me: Yes… How’s this?
EK: That’s good. (Rolls over. Conversation over.)

Train obsession continues with EK…
EK: Mom, can you sing the song about the train?
Me: (Unsure what she is talking about) What song?
EK: The one about the train!
Me: (Not wanting to listen to the theme to Chuggington or Thomas) Okay, let me download them.

Now that it’s a couple days later, she literally does the locomotion and loves it. Mom win. (PS: I know you’re totally laughing about the songs listed underneath the “train songs”.)

On the way to school…
EK: Mommy, do you know the way downtown?
Me: Sure she does!
EK: Annie doesn’t know the way.
Me: I’m sure she does, babe.
EK: No. Annie doesn’t know the way downtown.

What are your kids saying and doing nowadays? Any hilarious misnomers or mispronunciations? Those are my favorite. Have a great week!

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