Hello, Wednesday! It’s a better day for this week’s Currently anyway. I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy and the rest of those great blog friends! Enjoy, and tell me what you are up to currently!

Loving || wearing boots! I have my trusty brown pair I ordered off of Amazon last year (the brand is “Very Volatile”) and I think I’m going to invest in a pair of booties (Do we call them that? I just mean ankle boots.) for this year! I like the fact that I don’t have to think much about my footwear- I just pop it on. 

Excited || about Halloween with my big kids. They’ve each got a couple of costume choices already here in the house, and we are headed to the pumpkin patch this morning to choose pumpkins and take a few pictures. It should be fun! We are also heading to the country club Halloween event next Thursday, our church’s trunk or treat event on Halloween, and then trick or treating a bit afterwards. Talk about busy!

Traveling || to Georgia to see my family this weekend! It’ll be our first big road trip with three kiddos, so thank goodness our new car has a DVD player! Hopefully D will hold out and nap a lot. It would take hubby and I a little less than six hours if we were by ourselves, but it’s taken up to nine with the kids and all the stops they need. Hopefully we won’t take nine this time since we aren’t leaving until noon!

Enjoying || fall weather! We got to spend some time on a friend’s farm on Saturday, and we’ve been playing outside a lot at home, too. Here is proof we love fall:  

Celebrating || my father-in-law’s birthday! On Monday we had lunch and dinner with the family. We love having the kids all together and knowing that we’ve got two more coming! We also just found out that the two coming are a boy (in January) and a girl (in March)! Blessings abound!  

 Well there’s my late edition of Currently. What are you up to?

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