Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Thanks for stopping by every Tuesday for a little bit of humor! Here are the funnies from this week…

he woke up like this…

EK: There’s grape juice on the table!

(Spoiler: It’s wine.)

J puts raspberries on his index fingers, drums the table, singing…
J: We drum, drum all day! We drum, drum all day!

Me: Have you seen the Bumbo?
Hubby: No
Me: EK, could you help me find the blue chair that D sits in?
EK: Okay! (Runs off… Back a minute later.) I couldn’t find it anywhere!
Me: I’ll help you look!
EK: We can figure it out together!

J calls strawberries “strawbabies” and I will never correct it. It’s too hilarious.

J’s current obsession: trucks. He’s moved on from trains to shouting out that he sees a “truck” any time we see a truck, construction vehicle of any kind (we’re working on that), or tractor (working on that, too).

Halloween evening, hanging out at the firepit at our friends’ house…
J: I got a dick!
Me: What?!
J, holding up a stick: I got a dick!
Cue everyone asking him what he’s holding for the rest of the night.

Thankful Thursday #1:
Me: What are you thankful for? Like, what are you glad you have?
EK: Davis. And Joe Joe, and Mama and Ryan. And Ella Kate!
It’s like she knows me. ❤

When the word of the day is “trust”…
Hubby: Can you put your arms through the straps? (Of the car seat)
EK: No
Hubby: I need to trust that you’ll help me keep you safe.
EK: You trusted Ping, why am I any different?
Me: (dying at the Mulan jokes)

A little later, at naptime…
EK: You only gave me a little bit of milk in there!
Me: Well you haven’t been drinking it, so I didn’t want it to be wasted.
EK: You have to trust me!
Me: I do not think that means what you think it means…

What are your little guys saying?

4 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. Haha the stick one makes me think of my niece, Lucy. About a year ago she was obsessed with the Planes movie. My sister and brother-in-law got her a Dusty pillow (the crop duster, incase you didn’t know). She kept walking around talking about her Dusty pillow but to us it sounded like her dusty butthole. It was hilarious! So of course my brother-in-law was constantly asking her what it was so that she would say “my dusty butthole”

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