Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday!

EK, over dinner: When will Necie be here?
Me: At Thanksgiving, in two weeks!
EK: Yay! (Turns to J:) Necie will be here in two weeks!
J: Yay!
EK: Jenn Jenn comes on Tuesday with Necie in four-five-teens. Hey! What’s Annie gonna be for Halloween?
Me: Well, Halloween is already over…
EK clearly confused.

EK, looking at a pot of boiling bolognese: Daddy! Your dinner is blowing bubbles!

EK, talking about our friends…
What she tried to say: They have a doggy named Bella!
What we heard: They have half a donkey named Fella!

Helping EK wash her hands…
Me: Did you get some soap?
EK: Yeah, I got mucher.
Me: ….do you mean a lot?
EK: Yeah, lots…

We have a set of four boats in the tub, yellow, green, blue and pink…
Me, to J: What color is this one?
EK: Yeddow!
Me: I’m asking Joseph! Okay buddy, what color is this one?
J: Green!
Me: What color’s this one?
J: Blee-you! (Because one syllable for “blue” just isn’t enough.)
Me: What color is this one?
J: Ella Kate’s!
Me: Well, I guess she does always get the pink stuff…

EK and I were drawing our family. We got to my mom, and EK says this…
EK: Necie has skinny hair.
Me: We usually say short hair…

EK’s new favorite game is bingo…
EK: Hey friends! It’s bango time!

EK’s new names for Hubby: Father, Poppy, Papa, Pop Pop. I think she thinks he’s a grandfather now.

J: I poopy! I sticky!
Thank goodness I know he means stinky and not sticky. 

If you aren’t familiar with Sofia the First, she wears an amulet. We have a Disney junior bingo game that is all pictures, and the amulet is one of the spaces. EK keeps saying “amble-it” and it cracks me up!

What are you kiddos saying? Anything particularly funny this week?

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