Currently – The Fort Worth Edition

Y’all, I had a GREAT trip with Hubby this past weekend, but I am glad to be home! I’ve got pictures to share and stories, too, so I’m linking up and doing a Currently about it all! Here goes…currently button

Thankful for || my parents! They came all the way up here for the long weekend to keep our three crazy babes, so that we could have a lovely, kid-free weekend. They are the BEST!

Traveling || to Fort Worth, Texas for Hubby’s cousin’s wedding! It was a great excuse to have a lovely weekend away, see his fun family, witness a sweet couple’s vows, and party! It also happened to be the weekend of my 30th birthday, so we did a little extra celebrating!

I had to take a picture of the plane for my kids!

Eating || Tex-Mex and Texas Barbecue! We had our first Texan meal at Riscky’s Barbecue, right across the street from our hotel. It was delicious – we went with pork ribs and brisket tacos!

The rehearsal dinner that night was at
Los Vaqueros in a neighborhood called the Stockyards. YUM. That’s all. Yum. Oh wait… and also margaritas. Saturday was Terra Mediterranean Grill for lunch (we always love Mediterranean food) and dinner of course at the wedding.      
Sunday was my birthday, and I wanted a big breakfast, so Hubby sought out the Ol’ South Pancake House. Definitely DELICIOUS and obviously a Fort Worth landmark.

This was called a Southern Skillet. Best ever.

Exploring || Downtown FW. We stayed mostly in the same area for the weekend, straying a couple of times to different neighborhoods, but we really loved the downtown. It was very obviously family-friendly (Santa was in the middle of Sundance Square!) and kept up very well. Locals said that it’s only gotten as nice as it is in the past 15 years or so, but it’s beautiful now. It also helped that everything was decked out for Christmas! There are fun shops, great restaurants, cafes, nice hotels, and more. We didn’t have to look very hard for things to do!

I didn’t remember until I saw this, but JFK spent his last night in Fort Worth.
In Sundance Square…
GIANT TREE. And it was real!  
The Water Gardens were really neat… and I wish we had seen them at night, also. They apparently light up!

Enjoying || being home and back with our kiddos! It was great going away for a weekend, but also great to come home!

Join us – what have you been up to currently?

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