Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Nothing much to report, so here we go!

J cries because he put an enormous potato chip in his mouth.
EK: It’s okay, buddy. You’ll get it.

EK: Let’s go into the kitchen!
J: Let’s go to the chicken!

EK: Here’s some rabbits for you! 
Me: Okay, then…

I hurt my foot and I moaned and groaned about it for a while…
J: Don’t cry, mama.
Me: Are you all at once the cutest and most concerned kid?
J: Yeah.

J walks up to EK, wearing two bead necklaces.
EK: Joseph, do you want to be a king, and I’ll be the princess?
J: Yeah! (Gives her one of the necklaces.) Here you go, Princess!
EK: Thank you!
This was obviously all pre-arranged, right?

J: I wanna snuggle! Sing the train song!
Me: Come on ride…
J: Sing Eidelweiss!
Me: Eidelweiss, Eidelweiss…
J: Sing Oceans!
Me: You call me out… (The first verse.)
J: No! Oceans!
Me: And I will call upon your name… (The chorus.)
J: Close the door now.
Me: Well, I just feel used.

J, holding the Apple TV remote: I got it!
Me, controlling tv with my phone: Ok, buddy.
J, furiously pushing buttons: Look! I got it!
Me, still controlling it: Yep, totally.
The battery was dead. But who needed to know?

Me: Joseph and I are cleaning! Do you think you cold help us?
Ek: Um… No… I’m going to… Um… Read the Bible!
Apparently she thinks I’m not going to argue with such an activity.

Well, have a merry Christmas, everyone!

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