Things Toddlers Say

Hey y’all! This week has been crazy, what with Christmas and J’s birthday, and I’ve unfortunately had a fair amount of time away from the kiddos. But here are a few gems; they will tide you over! Happy Tuesday!

Hubby snuggling with EK as she falls asleep…
EK: Daddy, you’re the biggest man I’ve ever seen.

EK, totally randomly: I rest my case!

Me: While daddy and I are gone, I want you to take a really good nap, okay?
EK: Yeah, that’s what little girls do. Close their eyes, and then wake up! But while my eyes are closed, the tears can still come down.
Me: …

J: My water! My water! My water! My water!
Hubby: What about your water?
J: My water is wet!

At the Mexican restaurant, in the bathroom…
EK: They have wonderful-smelling, pink soap!
Me: It does smell nice, doesn’t it?
EK: I could kiss the sink!

 EK, wearing this dress: Can you bring me a horse to ride on?

My mom got the kids these things called FatHeads for the kids’ rooms. Basically they’re enormous stickers that go on the walls. J got a Tonka (construction vehicles) set, and EK got almost life-sized princesses. When she took our friends Andrea and Chris downstairs to see them, she said, “These are my people.”

Me, singing Dave Matthews: I’m the king of the castle, and yore a dirty rascal.
J: I’m a dirty rascal! (on pitch)

Got this post on my Facebook timeline from one of the children’s ministry leaders at my church: I went in to EK’s class yesterday to teach the Bible Story and sing with the kids and EK requested “Shake it Off.” Still laughing about it today. 😂😆 — feeling amused

The only thing I’m really missing is the fact that J copies almost exactly what EK says… right down to poor grammar, random comments, and rude statements. So there’s that.

29What are you kiddos saying? Did it have to do with Christmas?

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