Things Toddlers Say

Happy New Year! We started out with a few funnies, so here ya go!  

 While scrolling through my Instagram feed with EK, we see a photo of a baby bump (not me).
EK: Look mom, that’s you!
I guess I’ve been pregnant for a lot of her life.

EK is pronouncing all past tense words ending in “ed” with an extra syllable, whether it’s usually pronounced that way or not, or adding the ed on top. Such as “look-ed”, “kiss-ed”, and “wish-ed”. She has also been putting words in the past tense only by using -ed, and sometimes in addition to the regular past tense form of the word. For instance, “went-ed” and “ate-ed”.

J, eating chicken nuggets: I need some checkup! (He wanted ketchup.)

Dinner conversation…
EK: I have to go potty. Don’t eat my food!
Me: I already did! (Obviously joking, as she was looking at me and still had a full plate when I said it.)
EK: Did you?!?! (About to get super angry.)
Me: No, of course not.

You know you give too many warnings…
J, randomly, at breakfast: Woah! Careful, juice!

EK, using a tape measure: Let me make a check of these. (“Measuring” everything in sight.)

At Homegoods, when the cashiers are ready for the next person in line, there’s a recording of “Cashier number one, please” (or whatever number) that goes off. As we waited in line, EK kept saying, “Share number one, please!”

J has two ways to say he wants a nap: “I wanna do the nap now!” and “I want the milks now!”

Running across the church parking lot…
EK: We gotta hurry up before the mans and the girls start singing!

When I ask J if he wants something, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t just say, “No”. He says, “No, I don’t like ______ anymore.” I know it’s usually untrue, because he has just this week said that about bananas, Thomas the Tank Engine, chili, his new train cup, cereal, and school, all of which I know for a fact he loves.

J’s favorite things: Buzz Lightyear, Batman, trains, eggs (scrambled or fried), and anything that rolls across the floor.

EK’s favorite things: Princesses (and their dresses), Inside Out, puzzles, her grandmas, and (this week) pizza.

What are your kids saying? Anything hilarious? What are their “favorite things”?

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