Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday afternoon, all! I hope you’re safe if you’ve been snowed in, and enjoying the wintry mix! Here’s a little bit about what my kids have been saying this week… 

 Parroting with the best of them…
EK: There’s seeyand in my lantro! (Sand in my cilantro.)

Hubby: No, don’t do that! Go downstairs and find a new game!
EK: Oooh! Let’s go downstairs and find a new game, Joseph! (As if it was her idea.)
Me: What was your favorite part today?
EK: When I spilled my soup and I ran away and I pooped!
Me: ….

EK, playing with Lauren’s hair: This is gonna look so good for Drew. (Lauren’s husband)

J, watching Hubby chop something: What’s that, Daddy?
EK, from the other room: It’s garlic!

Me: Did you just stick your finger I your diaper?!
J: I just stuck my finger in my diaper because I pooped. And it’s YUCKY!

EK was wearing a princess dress, watching Thomas the Train, peeking from the stairs…
Hubby: EK, do you like Thomas?
EK: Um, just a little bit.

EK: Mom, look! I ate all my dinner so I can be the strongest than my dad!

EK often wants to pretend that she is the mommy, and that’s what we were doing when this happened…
EK: I’m on the way to the baby center to have my baby.
Me: Is the baby a boy?
EK: Yes.
Me: Is his name Davis?
EK: No, just Rudy.
(To clarify why this is even funnier, we don’t know anyone named Rudy.)

When I’m putting EK to bed, I see this on her sheets:

If it’s hard to tell, the pink owl’s eyes have been colored blue.
Me: What happened right here?
EK: I wanted to her eyes to be blue.
Me: What did you color them with?
EK: My blue chappicks! (chapstick)
Face palm.

Pulling into Chick-fil-A:
EK, in a sing song voice: I see Chickalayyyyyy!
J, in the same singsong voice: I see French friiiiiiies!

EK: Yestnight (Last night)
EK: Mexan (Mexican, as in the restaurant)
J: Dinoson (Some sort of combination of a dinosaur and a dragon)
J: Snowman (Means anything having to do with snow, even if it’s nothing to do with a snowman)
J: Panpakes (Pancakes)

Well what have your kids been saying? Any snow funnies?

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