Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Our week has been full of visits from the grandparents and football! Here are some funnies from my big kids.

EK, entering the kitchen: Something smells delicious in here! (It was Caesar salad, and she ate a ton of it. Because she isn’t your normal threenager.)

J is constantly going up to D and wiping his face saying, “Da baby spit! Da baby spit!”

J came upstairs with the exercise ball…and I said, “Wow! That’s impressive! How did you get that up the stairs?”
J: Cause I got balls!
There was obviously no response for that.

EK: I like the beast better than Belle.
She’s got a thing for bad boys.

Apparently “peanut butter and jelly sandwich” is very difficult to say:
EK: Pinit butter and jally shammick
J: Shammich butterrrrrrr

J and I had a sweet minute the other day where we were the only ones awake, and we did a craft. While we sat at the kitchen table, an airplane (or helicopter) flew overhead. J then launched an argument – with himself – over whether it was an airplane or helicopter. This lasted for several minutes.

EK, eating chips and salsa: I need a water to slow me down!

EK runs up and shows me this:and says, “Look, Mom! It’s a picture of me and my booger! I’m pretty funny.”

The other morning at breakfast, EK had a five minute long concerned rant about why Cinderella didn’t eat breakfast. Apparently she had noticed that she fed all the animals breakfast, and took breakfast trays to her step-mother and step-sisters, but never ate anything herself.

EK: Look, Mom! I took it to-part! (Instead of apart.)

I was eating fried zucchini sticks with ranch…
EK: Can I have one?
Me: Sure! (Hand her one)
EK: (frowning and sputtering) Ugh!
Me: What’s wrong?
EK: I want a different one with no ranch.
Me: But I thought you liked ranch?
EK: I only like it on my salad.
Definitely not my child.

J’s current misnomers:
Thank you=thank whew

Did anyone else notice a definite food trend this week? What are your toddlers talking about?

7 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. My little is finally big enough to be constantly talking. The problem is that she calls a lot of things “baby” and a lot of things say “beep beep”, both of which sound the exact same to me. I’m also fairly certain that she thinks touching someone’s nose and saying “nose” is a socially accepted greeting.

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      1. I blame Star Wars. R2D2 says “beep beep” so anything vaguely robotic is a “beep beep”. That being said, every bus is a “shh shh” because the mamas on the bus say “shh shh shh.. shh shh shh… shh shh shh…” while the wheels on the bus go round and round.

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  2. My daughter just learned how to say “excuse me”, so she runs up to me and my husband yelling “Mommy/Daddy poot! My poot! Sissy poot! Cuse me, cuse me, cuse me…” Her favorite place to do this is in the grocery store. I’d be more mad if it wasn’t so darn adorable. 🙂

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