Things Toddlers Say

Hey y’all, and happy Tuesday… and happy MARCH!! I don’t know about you, but spring seems to have sprung here in NC (at least for the week), and I can’t wait to completely indulge in warm weather happenings. What’s it like where you are? Do you need some humor to cheer you out of a cold weather slump? Here it is!

 Overheard on J’s monitor during nap time: The Batman theme song.
You know, just saving Gotham City, one nap at a time.

Me, whispering: I love you, J.
J: I love you!
Me: I love you, EK.

 EK: There are so many princesses at the Mex-can restaurant!

J: What happened, Mommy?!
Hubby: You stuck your elbow straight in your food.

One night we were out to dinner, and right after we said the prayer…
EK: Amen. Cheers!!!!

Watching The Sound of Music…
J: It’s do-re-Mia! (Maria, of course.)

In a restaurant with some friends at lunch, and the power turns off…
EK, eyes wide: Holy crayap!

EK has been watching a lot of Cinderella. In the bathtub she was scrubbing the walls and singing: Oh, sweet nightingale, oh, sweet nightingale…. (The actual words are, “Sing, sweet nightingale, sing, sweet nightingale…”)

J, puts a piece of ham in his mouth: I don’t like it. (Spits it out. Looks at it. Puts it back in and eats it.) Can I have some more meat?

EK’s new favorite word: dangerous. But only if it’s used incorrectly.

EK: Can I have a sip of that? (My mom’s beer)
Necie: No, you’re not quite old enough.
EK: But I am skinny!

I go into the spare bedroom (where we dump the laundry) and see this:  J, wearing mittens, atop Mt. Laundry. And he says, “I schwimming!”

Heard from the other room:
EK: Do it right now! Say yes ma’am!
J: Yes ma’am!

Now let’s hear it… what crazy things are your kids saying?

4 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. These are brilliant!
    Lil’ Bit’s new phrase is “sit DOWN!” So now, every time I get up to do anything, I hear little feet come running in to say , “Mommy, sit DOWN!” Not good for my laziness. 🙂

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  2. My older sister has two kids (Lucy is the same age as EK and Harrison is the same age as J). Lately Lucy keeps saying that she can’t wait to grow up so that she can marry Harrison. She got really upset when my sister told her that she can’t.
    Then, the other day she got upset because my sister told her that she could not refer to the cat as her little sister. Lucy’s reply, “But I want a little sister!” My sister finally let her call the cat her little sister.

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