Happy Monday, friends! For today’s Currently, I will link up with Becky at Choose Happy and our other friends to hold our weekly updates. Read, comment, link up and let us know how you’re doing currently!

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Celebrating  || my gorgeous friend Kate’s wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception at the groom’s parents’ house. It sounds crazy, but they cleaned out their furniture from their great room (it was large with high, vaulted ceilings and huge windows) and set up tables and chairs. It really worked great! Hubby’s band played, the food was yummy and there was good beer. Overall, a total win!

Planting || our vegetable garden! We finally went to Lowe’s and got the wood for our last bed and some of our plants (some actually turned out to be most). We got them in the ground on Friday! We actually chose a few things we’ve never done before, including Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and romaine lettuce. We also got the usual herbs (and added cilantro!), squash, cucumber, and tomatoes. We will go back for peppers, eggplants, and the other kind of tomato we didn’t see yet: yellow gold cherry tomatoes- they grew like CRAZY and we all ate them off the vine! 

In case you’re wondering, the white petals have fallen all weekend off a tree in our backyard, and they’ve blown all over cars, the deck, and the garden. It looks like snow now that the wind has been blowing all morning.

I’d also like to give Hubby the outdoorsman award, because he’s also been mowing, weeding, and pressure-washing and staining our deck. He’s a keeper, y’all.

Praying || for sleep. I really feel like we are under attack in this area. Between Hubby’s late night work, a toddler who is getting up before 7 (unheard of with our kids until the past two weeks) and an 8 month old who is waking 1-3 times a night (having previously slept through the night), we are at a total loss. I’m having anxiety about even going to sleep at all, because I’m afraid that I’ll just be woken right after I actually get to sleep. It’s a bad cycle. So if you’re a praying friend, pray for sleep at our house.

Scheduling || our lives for the week. We have a lot going on between Holy Week (and my church job), Hubby’s two albums he’s in the middle of, some writing projects in working on, and just keeping up with regular life stuff. We don’t usually plan out weeks out in advance because our work is typically flexible, and we don’t mind working at odd hours. But this week, we’ve got deadlines and I have extra church services, and we need to really be diligent if we are to accomplish everything!

That being said, if you are local, Reynolda’s Easter weekend is going to be INCREDIBLE. Here’s the run down:

Good Friday Service, Village Campus: this Friday evening at 6:30pm & 8:00pm

Easter Sunrise Service, St. Peter’s World Outreach Center: We partner with them every year and it is a PARTY to kick off your Easter Day. This year, it’s at their place at 7:00am this coming Sunday.

Reynolda Easter Services: Village Campus Worship Center at 9:30am and 11am, Ascent (in the fellowship hall, where I’ll be!) at 9:30am and 11am and at the Union Cross Campus at 11am!

So many opportunities to celebrate and worship and check out Reynolda! If you don’t have a church home and you live in the triad, get to one of these services!

What are you doing for Easter? Is anyone out there planting this spring?

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