Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! We were traveling all day yesterday, and acclimating ourselves to Georgia and my parents’ house this morning, so I’m just now getting this post together! Hope you enjoy a little bit of humor from the past week!  

 EK: I could be a mom when I grow up!
Lauren: How old will you be to be a mother?
EK: 69!
Me: Of course.

Hubby: I was thinking about going to Lowe’s in a little bit.
Me: You could take EK with you and I can keep the boys here.
EK: Yeah! And you could buy me a special drink from Chickalay!
Hubby: Oh I could, could I?

Me: We’re having some just girl time, aren’t we?
EK: Yeah! Cause we are the BEST! (Shakes her booty. Really.)

EK at bedtime: Will you leave my door open?
Hubby: Sure.
EK: I mean really open. Open when the door touches the wall.
Hubby: …*clunk* yep. (walks away)

J has been carrying tongs around with him all the time. He is jazzed when he can pick something up with them. I think he feels like he’s a human crane. It was cute until he chased me with them this morning…

EK: I needa take your pentashure. (Temperature.)

My MIL told me that when she was with EK the other day, EK told her the most special thing about Easter is that it’s just for girls. She also said she asked EK why J wouldn’t snuggle her. EK’s response: He doesn’t love you. So I can go on all the special dates!

Out at dinner…
EK: Are you mad like anger?
Me: No I’m just frustrated.
EK: You could go like this with your arms!
What I videoed:

Me: Could you do that again?


Watching Hook…
EK: They have the children! They took them! Those people are mean!

Backseat driver…
EK: Mama, don’t go fast or an ambulance will give you a ticket and take you to jail. And then we could never find you!

EK: Daddy I drew you! With so manys hair! 

 At bedtime…
Me: EK, I’m going to snuggle J for a minute, so you go ahead and hop in your bed and I’ll be there in a minute.
EK, climbing on J’s bed: I want to give my brother a kiss!
She climbs up, right on top of J, and gives him a hug and a kiss. The joy on his face was tangible and contagious.
Me: You can be so sweet sometimes! You made J’s night.

There you have it! A little bit or humor and sweetness. What are your kids saying?

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