Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! This past week, we traveled, made it home, and had a whirlwind of a weekend. This week is likely to be more of the same craziness. No matter how many times I think I don’t quite have enough for an entire post, those kids deliver, even when I feel like I’ve barely seen them. Anyway, here are the top funnies from our family this week- enjoy!

Me: Say cheese, Joe!
J: Cheese, Joe!

Shouting at EK…
J: SHUT your door and close your TEETH!

EK: When I wake up from my naps, I always fart!
No explanation needed.

EK: After bath I want to be a princess!
Hubby: After your bath you can put on pjs and be a princess in your heart.
EK: No! I want to be a princess with a dress on her back!

J, when Hubby walks into a room: Daddioooooo!

EK: Look, Mom! It’s my little teeny, little baby girl! (Shows me a doll.)
Me: Did you know that you’re my little teeny, little baby girl?
EK: Yeah. And when I was a baby, I went like this! (Pretends to be asleep.) And then when I got a shot, I went like this! (Cries really strangely, trying to sound like a baby.) And then you gave me a bottle, and I slowed down.
Me: Yes, you’re right. So, tell me about your baby.
EK: She is three. And after she is three, she will be five.
Me: Oh, that’s interesting…
EK: Yeah, and then four! And then one! And then thirty-five!
Me: Now that is very strange.
EK: Yeah! (Dissolves into giggles.)

The other day I heard J pounding the wall with something… 
As you might imagine, I wasn’t happy that it was the plug for the electric skillet.

Right before we went to see my family in GA, I came upon these things…
EK told met hay she had made “roll ups” for every member of my family (naming them all) and they were presents. I think at some point she had heard about tissue paper flowers, and downgraded to toilet paper roll ups. But her heart was in it.

I found this: 
I don’t have to explain why this pen is crushed.

J has been telling me that he turned his “sheem” off in the mornings. It’s taken me several days in a row to figure out he’s talking about his sound machine, because I recently gave him the special task of turning it off when he woke up.

Listening to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (from Toy Story, which my kids have seen several times)…
J: This is a cool song, Mom!
As if he’d never heard it before.

Well, that’s about it for the week. What are your kids talking about?

2 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say”

  1. My older sister texted me yesterday about the conversation she had with my niece. She just turned four and her and her brother call me Mimi (long story). Anyway, here’s the convo:
    Ashley: Tomorrow morning we are going to Gammy’s house.
    Lucy: Yay! But I never see Mimi anymore because Mimi has a boyfriend.
    I thought it was hilarious but felt so bad. Then Ashley reminded her that she had just seen me the week before at Easter but Lucy was too busy playing with her cousins.
    In my (and my boyfriends defense) work and the fact that they live about 40 minutes away is the reason I don’t see them as often. And I see her every Sunday at church (unless I’m working). So I’m not a bad Aunt haha.

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