Things Toddlers Say

Hey, Tuesday friends! We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks here, full of EK’s birthday celebrations, and a whirlwind trip to DisneyWorld, so I’ve been a little scattered and not writing things down as well as I normally do. BUT I do have some gems today, and here they are!

EK, coming upstairs when she should be taking a nap: I got a ‘prise for you!

The playground spoils were too good to wait till after her nap. She took them from her pocket (where they had been for several hours) and asked me to put them all in a bag together so we wouldn’t lose them.

Learning new words:
EK: I didn’t even notice my panties were stuck in my butt!
Me: That’s called a wedgie.

Parenting fail…
Necie takes a drink from a bottle of San Pellegrino.
J: Is that beer?
Necie: …No….? It’s water.

Heard from my bed in the morning…
J: Hellooooooo? Where aaaaaaaare you? Helloooooooo?! Anybody there?! HELLOOOOOOOO!
EK: Joe?
J: El’ Kate! (Runs back downstairs to start the day alongside his sister.)

Gross stuff…
EK: Mom, want to feel the crunchy on my swaddle?
Me: Ugh, no. That’s where you put it in your mouth. Ew.

When Hubby woke him from his nap…
J: I want Mama Necie.
(I’m not sure if he wanted me and Necie, or if he just came up with a new name for Necie.)

Necie: What did you do in DisneyWorld?
EK: I saw 39 princesses!

After riding the Seven Dwarves Mine Train (small roller coaster)….
Me: Did you like it?!
EK, eyes wide: No.  It was fast.

EK, as soon as Necie walks in our house: I want to ride in your car and go to your apartment!

J, randomly: One time I choked.

Playing with colored pencils…
J: Is this green?
(My mom and I are talking and don’t answer immediately.)
J: Somebody! Is this green?
Me: Yes. You knew that!
(J then starts asking whatever every single pencil, preceded by the word “somebody”.)

J: Look at my giraffe!

EK: Mom, our tattoos just hopped off our arms! (Fake ones, obviously, and after MANY washes.)

EK: Maybe one day we can go to NewYork, like Taylor Swift.

EK: Daddy, that was the goodest dinner I never had!

EK: Don’t leave me by myself or I would be only! (Obviously meaning lonely.)

EK: I just squeezed one out on to the table!
(She was eating edamame at a Thai restaurant, and squeezed the bean from the shell.)

And for his fiirst appearance… he’s not a toddler, but….

I’m pretty sure he’s saying: Give me more Thai food!

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