Happy Monday, friends! We’ve had a couple of busy weeks of nice weather, outdoor excursions, a photo shoot, and being with friends, so I didn’t manage to get a Currently post done last week. But today, I’m joining Becky at Choose Happy and our other friends for another currently link up. Join us, or comment, and let us know what you’re up to currently! As for me, I’m….IMG_0614

Shopping || at our local farmers market! We’ve been to a few before, but the past two Saturdays were our first times at this particular one, the Cobblestone Farmers Market. It’s in an historic neighborhood that actually borders my alma mater. Lots of local farmers, and also local juicers, picklers, bakers and artists. VERY fun, and I suggest checking it out if you’re local!

Enjoying || running with a new friend. I started running on the trail across from our church after I dropped the kids at school, and one day, just ran into a gal I know from church who had done the same thing. Later that day, we talked and decided to try running together! It was a nice surprise and a fun new thing to look forward to! And the trail is beautiful, woodsy but well-kept, and just the right length to not get too exhausted.img_8444

Singing || with our church’s kids for Pentecost! Our church doesn’t have a ton of Sundays that kids are involved in the service (we have an amazing children’s ministry that sorta runs on its own) and so the kids being up on the stage with us was really fun! There were more than 20 of them, and they sounded awesome! I told our worship pastor I wanted to make it happen a few more times a year.

Posing || for Van Zandt Photography! We had a little shoot last week, and I LOVED the results! Here’s a favorite…DSC_6577

Laughing || about the hilarious things kids say sometimes. I post every Tuesday about how funny my kids are, but recently I’ve spent a little more time with a friend’s 4yo son, and he is just as hilarious. A few of his funny things are featured on tomorrow’s Things Toddlers Say!

Well, what’s going on in your life? Tell me what you’re up to currently!

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