Things Toddlers Say 

Happy Tuesday, folks! It’s a lovely day for some funnies, and I’m posting from Lake Norman, so without further ado, here they are!

EK: A monster got Miss ‘Tona! (J’s teacher)

J: We gotta find her and hug her and take her away from the monster!

J, when farted next to: You tooted on my nose and that was not nice!

EK comes upstairs and gets in our bed…
Me: What do you need, babe?
EK: A snuggle.
A minute passes.
Hubby: Did you get in our bed and immediately toot?
EK: *giggling*
Me: Gross. You gotta go.
EK: *screws up her face*farts again*
Me: You’re like a man! Go! Daddy is gonna sleep in YOUR bed.
EK: *giggles*farts*
Hubby: Okay. Stop flexing your abs. Get out.
EK: Can you walk with me?
Hubby: Nope. You got up here just fine.

J, on morning breath: It smells like dogs out here.

EK: When you grow up, you’ll be a daddy.
J: Yeah. I’ll be a daddy and take daddy medicine!

EK, pretending: I’m going to a party!
J: I wanna come to the party!
EK: You can! There’s going to be sweet ladies there.

I was walking the other day through a parking lot with just the bigs, holding one hand on either side of me. We came to the curb, and without me even pausing or knowing what was happening, EK counted, “1, 2, 3!” and they jumped off at the same time. It was as if they’d been practicing for that moment.

EK, to me: Even if you’re just wearing pants and a shirt, you still look like a princess.

EK: Every time we pass (our friend’s) house, their cars aren’t there. I guess I’m right. They’re going to a different house. It’s five ounces away.

100x a day…
J: Can we watch Speakle Me? (Despicable Me)

Leaving the pool:
EK: My knees is hurting!
Me: Why is that?
EK: Because I swam so faster. And that’s the way Jesus made me.
Me: Well, I guess you’re right.

J: Mama! El’ K! Do you wanna snuggle under my Batman blanket?!
Me: 😍

J, watching The Sorcerer’s Stone and seeing Hedwig in her cage: Mom! That baby bird is in jail!

A few minutes later…
J: Mama! This is my favorite movie I ever saw!
Me: You’re my favorite child.

Also during the movie…
J: Mom! A talking hat!
J: Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo!
EK: I think that hat is being rude.
J: I like it, mom!
J: Mom! That talking hat says, “Gryffinoooooooo!”
J: They’re eating food, Mom! Look at all those peoples eating food!

J, on his favorite restaurant: I want to go to Chickalay. I will eat all my chicken and all my French fries, and ride the yellow slide!

Me: I can’t find my duffel bag…
J (no lie): Your duckel fag?

EK: I can’t wait to get smushies! (Slushies)

J, doing anything remotely acrobatic, like climbing on a stool: Look how strong I am!

Well, there they are: the sillies of the week. What are your kids’ sillies right now?

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