Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday! I’m writing from my Mom’s kitchen in Georgia, and we are here all week! I’m looking forward to sharing some humor with you!

J, with a cup of ice water: Can I have some ice?

Hubby pours out the water and gives the cup back.
J, a few minutes later: I need more ice.
He goes to the fridge and holds his cup up the dispenser… for too long. His cup fills up, then he says hysterically: Too much ice! I got tooooooo muuuuuuuch iiiiiiiiiice!
Holly: Here, let me help you. (Dumps out some ice.) Better?
J, crying: Still too muuuuuuuch!
Holly: Okay. (Dumps out some more ice.) How about now?
J, with a huge smile: Yep, thanks! (Walks away, crunching ice.)

The big kids have taken to running from D, and this morning they were calling him Pigman. Awesome.

We had been working in the garden, and EK had collected some not-yet-ripe Thai chili peppers…
J, running upstairs: Mooooooom! Mooooom! I need a napkin to wipe my mouth!
Me: What happened?
J: I ate it! I need a napkin!
Me: You ate a pepper that EK gave you?
J: Yes! Mooooooooom!
Me: Here, water is what you need. (I give him some ice water.)
J: Ahhhh. Fanks, Mama.

D: (screams at the table)
J, slapping the table: Be quiet!!!
Me: Don’t shout at your brother. We have to teach him not to shout at the table.
J: But he’s making all the loud noises!
Me: Actually, you’re also making loud noises.

J: When I was a kid, I don’t want a van.

J, when I said it was time to get dressed for the day: Okay! I’m gonna put on my pajamases!

EK, randomly: Gus Gus is the best mice of the universe.

J, coming upstairs from his nap: Look who’s heeeeeeere!

J, when he turns to see D following him: Uh oh! I better git!

Me, after a particularly gross poop: Don’t you want to start doing this on the potty? It’s less messy, and I don’t have to clean you up as much!
J: Nope, I’m good.

Hubby: What do you want for lunch?
EK: A cheese-adilla!

EK: Daddy, do you want your sunglasses back?
Hubby: That would be great!
EK: Well, actually I….
Hubby: Okay, thanks for nothing.

And this one wasn’t what they said, but rather what they didn’t say…
We had been in the car all afternoon and evening (after being at church all morning) to go to my parents’ house a couple of states away. It was about 9:40pm (a good hour at least past usual bedtime) and we had stopped about 20 minutes before to put everyone in pajamas, and get them settled in for the last hour and a half, when Hubby and I started listening to what the DVD was playing. For the past 20 minutes, the bigs had uncomplainingly watched the DVD menu loop. Only the baby was asleep, but neither of the bigs had said a word. Just a small sign of tired children.

J: Mom! There was a bigger bee on a bigger, bigger, bigger flower!
Me: Oh really?
J: Yeah! And it was boddering me. And if it was on your head, I would flick it off!
Me: Out of love, of course.

EK: Here, I have a job for you.
J: Okay!
EK: Stand right here. (She draws a circle around him, to the tune of Joy and Sadness from Inside Out.)
J: *draws a circle around her*
Me: Touché.

I’m loving that the kids are getting bigger and wider imaginations, and recreating/acting out scenes from their favorite movies. How do your kids pretend?

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