Will You (Actually) Be My Friend on Goodreads?

I’ve been a member of Goodreads for several years now, but I don’t think I’m using it to its full potential. Are there any huge Goodreads fans out there? (Come on. Raise your hand, fellow nerds.) Partially, I haven’t been reading as much as I have in the past. You know, becoming a mother and all eats up a lot of your time to read for pleasure. But I also just can’t remember that Goodreads exists. For instance, the other day I logged in from my computer (what?!) and responded to about 75 friend requests from the past nine months. Yep. Nine months. So, if you thought I was weirdly unfriendly on a nerdy, fringe social media site, I promise I wasn’t. I just forget about it altogether. 

But recently I’ve committed to reading more, and that means I need to be seeing the books that other people are loving and recommending so that I can build my list. Truly, new books excite me. But I’ve been in a slump because I’ve just been slowly laboring through LOTR for months now. I’ve commuted to blasting my way through the Return of the King (it’s not like I don’t know how it ends, right?) so that I can start something fresh and new. 

There are several things on my immediate list. First of all, I borrowed the Golden Compass books from a friend, and I want to finish those first. Next, I took a (year-long) break from the Outlander series after Dragonfly in Amber, so I’d like to start back and see what Claire and Jamie are up to. But sometimes I get in a rut when reading series, and I need to break them up with a short, easy to read novel in between them; beach reads, humor, light mystery, or romance are my favorites for this purpose. 

That being said, I’m looking for suggestions for my reading list. I’d love it if you could comment with your trusty favorite, your recent love, or the one you’ve heard is great but haven’t read yet. And seriously, be my friend on Goodreads. 

This post is part of my NaBloPoMo, where I publish a piece each day in November. 

8 thoughts on “Will You (Actually) Be My Friend on Goodreads?”

  1. I’m hooked on the Remnant Chronicles right now. The first book is The Kiss of Deception. Authors last name is Pearson. I also love the Red Queen series. The third one comes out in February and I can’t wait! I’ll try to find you on Goodreads

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  2. My favourites of this year have been Edith Hahn Beer’s The Nazi Officer’s wife (if you are looking for non-fiction). I also discovered Ariana Franklin who does historical fiction (if you like the show Bones – picture her in medieval times), and I like vampire fiction and one of my favourite finds this year was Laura Bickle’s teen fiction Hallowed Ones series (Amish vampires!). I’m about to start Matt Forbeck’s Carpathia which is described as “Titanic meets 30 Days of Night” which I found rather intriguing… And yes, I would be your friend on Goodreads. I track my lists and reading there and it’s on the side of my blog 🙂 Happy reading!

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