Be thankful. 

I’ve got all the feels right now, after a day of cooking, playing, hugging, visiting, enjoying family and starting to think about (gasp!) Christmas. 

I’ll be honest. I began the day super grumpy because the boys didn’t sleep that well, and I was tired from the get-go.  I struggled through making breakfast (including muffins from scratch, so I give myself a few bonus points). I separated rude siblings once, twice, thrice. We visited with my in-laws since we wouldn’t be dining with them today. I snatched a nap from 11-12, then showered. I put on a sparkly sweater and some lipstick and called it good. Then the task was readying my home for 12 guests. 

Once I got a big coffee (complete with copious amounts of bourbon) and some salad (a nice, light lunch before a huge dinner) I felt great. Cleaning the floors and tables, prepping everything I could (which mainly consisted of chopping onions, as it so happened) and dancing around my parents and Hubby in the kitchen put me in a great mood. 

You can see the menu I posted yesterday, but believe me when I say it was a lot of food. There were several chefs, of course, but I ran the dishwasher four times. Two were before we finished cooking, and the last two were the dinner dishes, utensils, and the last bit of dishes from cooking.

I could choose to still be grumpy. I could choose to be frustrated at the amount of dishes I’ve done, the two friends that showed up, or the fact that my kids didn’t make it to bed until ten. But instead, I’m choosing to be thankful. 

I’m glad I have so many family members willing to travel to me. I’m grateful for the abundance of food we have. I’m thankful for friends who feel like family, and who know they can just call last minute and come eat at our feast. I’m thankful my table is large, and my tribe is larger. 

So tonight, find something to be thankful for. Whatever it is, surely there’s a single thing to thank the Lord for. The kindness of strangers, the ability to live and move and breathe, or any amount of food to eat will work. Anything you can think of to thank Jesus for is a win. He wants to hear from us and get to know us even better. He wants to show himself to us as we bare our souls about how today wasn’t as we planned. He has grace and forgiveness for the yuck and the stress of your Thanksgiving. Will you let him take it away?

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