A Reading Resolution

I love the sound of reading challenges. Once upon a time, I would’ve blown them all out of the water. One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was read. Late at night with a flashlight, in the middle of the afternoon in the summer, or all day on a Saturday. But now that things are busier, I find it hard to keep up with a reading list. There are less and less uninterrupted, quiet minutes in my day, and so reading (especially reading things that take much thought) can fall to the way side. 

I’ve set my yearly reading goals too high in the past, only to realize by the time summer comes that I’ve got to re-imagine the goal if I’m going to get anywhere close to completing it. Which sorta defeats the purpose of a goal, right? So this year, instead of choosing a huge number of books, or a strange combination of books, I choose this: 

I’m going to read for pleasure every single day. I will always be reading something,  And, perhaps most important, if I’ve read the first couple of chapters of a particular book, and I’m not that into it, I’m going to put it down and start something new. 

I don’t feel like these are too lofty, or unrealistic goals. But I also don’t feel like they are too easy. Days go by where I haven’t picked up a book (or my kindle) quite often. I’m either busy or doing something else instead (here’s looking at you, Netflix). But I want to read every day- to stretch my perspective, to sharpen my eyes and mind, to set the example of a love of reading for my kids. 

I’m open to all suggestions of books to read, and I love borrowing books, also! If you have something for me to read, pass it on! Non-fiction is the only genre I haven’t done much in. I’m almost done with LOTR (I know- it’s shameful how long it’s taken me) and I think my fresh start in 2017 will be with Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass series. I also have a few historical fiction novels on deck, courtesy of my mother in law. So it won’t be for lack of content if I don’t reach this goal! Who’s with me?!

10 thoughts on “A Reading Resolution”

  1. I’m not very good at allowing myself to abandon a book I don’t like. I usually see it as a failure, but then the thought of finishing it defeats me so I stop reading for weeks (usually until it’s due back at the library), and then it’s weeks after that before I forgive myself enough to start another book. It’s really a dumb mindset, and so if you’re allowing yourself to walk away from a book, so am I!

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    1. I am usually the same way! Plowing grouch something I either hate or am having a terrible time motivating myself to finish. It’s worse when I’ve spent money on it- i feel like I wasted that, too. Be free of the pressure to read something you don’t like!


  2. Good luck with your reading goal this year! I started a #of books goal two years ago and have set it again this year. I manage to make it and it motivates me to keep going.

    I also adore what you said about reading to stretch your perspective, sharpen your eyes and mind, and set the example of a love of reading for your kids.

    I agree wholeheartedly. So important!

    Happy New Year!

    As for suggestions – there are a lot of book hops out there that I draw inspiration from and surfing GoodReads always lands me with more on my “To Read” list so I can never use the excuse of having nothing I WANT to read 😉

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    1. A number of books is less intimidating than a list of specifics you have to fill- good idea! And yes- I’m on goodreads and should use it more! Right now, my “to read” shelf is mostly full of classics, but I foresee that they won’t be the only thing I’ll read… I like YA and humor too much to leave those genres out!

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      1. I mix my reading list between heavier stuff and fluffy/shorter reads. It helps me “hit my number” – and provides a legitimate reason for me to be reading teen vampire fiction. Right?

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