Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, all! Glad to bring you a few funnies! EK has been spending a lot of time with her grandmother – since her grandfather has been out of town this week, she’s been good company, so I have less funnies from her, but she’s been fulfilling her familial duties! Enjoy the humor I do have, and hopefully I’ll have some more next week!

EK to Hubby: I love you as much as Jesus loves you!
Hubby: I try to love like Jesus does, babe.

Me: How was your day, bud?
J: Great, my darling poop!
Me: *giant eyeroll*

EK, holding the note I put in her lunchbox: Did you make this for me?!
Me: I sure did!
EK: Well, that is just the sweetest!

EK: Let’s go home and have hot chocolate! Except the baby can’t have it cause it’s too hot.
J: What if we could put an ice cube in it?
EK: That’s a great ideer, J!
A minute later…
EK: Ice is twenty thick, mom.
Cue the rabbit trails.

J, after he turned a toy onto the Spanish mode: Fantastico! Fantastico!

As our friends pulled out of the driveway…
J: I already miss our family.

J to our friend with a week-old baby: Did you put your baby back in your belly? Let me check if you did.

At zero dark thirty, J stumbles into my bed, crying and wailing: I want my mittens! I can’t find them! Give me my mittens!
I go downstairs to find out he has indeed been searching for mittens in the middle of the night.

Getting up from their naps…
J: *yawn* Good to see you, EK.

EK singing the second verse of Away in a Manger: The kwattle are lowing, the baby awakes…. and stay by my cradle till morning last night.

J has been throwing mini-tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants. They’re short, but quite intense, flinging himself to the ground and kicking his legs, etc. Some things he tantrums about: candy canes, snow, mittens, boots, brothers, moms, jelly beans, gummy vitamins, shopping carts, naps, you get the idea. Then today (yep, toddler Tuesday) he threw the biggest tantrum I’ve ever seen. It lasted 30+ minutes, began in the grocery store check out line (where all the employees know us and see us several times a week) and finally calmed down as we pulled into the driveway. His grandmother drug him out kicking and screaming to the car so that I could pay for the groceries. Y’all, it was ugly. More on that later.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Tuesday! I’ll just be over here, wishing we weren’t out of school again tomorrow. Yikes!

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